My Dream


Branches wrap protectively around me,Looming out from dark trees.I arise in the early morning,And set off to the beach.Along the way,I eat strawberries and cherries.The lake waves reach up the shore,As I sit and listen.Birds and other critters awaken.I am awed as the birds sing out,In the crisp, clear morning.Squirrels chattering away,And insects buzzing excitedly.The lake is desperate,As it tries to get to the dried up trees.Fish splash noisily,Ready for the new day.Sun rises lazily out of its bed in the deep, murky water,And sends away the night sky.The lake glimmers with joy as seeing Sun,And the plants brighten, eager for his touch.Sun yawns tiredly,And the sky blazes baby blue.Leaves are the most greenest I've see this year,With vibrant flowers blossoming around them. Pink ones fall into the current,Cast aside for their imperfections by the twigs.Lavender ones follow,Then shimmery white and yellow ones.They fall in the rushing current,Ending their lives on land,And beginning a new one in water.I dip my toes in,And understand why each flower quivers.The lake is so cold,It shocks every tired nerve awake.So I swim for a few hours,And hike in new trails.I feed the fish,And watch them gasp at each other.Moon comes up,And scolds Sun for being out so late.She sends him to bed,And I watch him sulk that way.The lake cries for his sadness,And plants shiver at Moons cold.With the last rays of light,I gather flowers that couldn't make it to the watery edge,And grab a snack.I weave together the beautiful colored petals,And eat delicate blueberries.When I am done,I place the crown on my head,To show nature my loyalty. I set off to the forest,Returning to my home in the trees.I walk along the hard-packed floor,While watching creatures set to bed.I set a small fire,And watch it reaching desperately up to the night sky,Desperate to warm it's cool touch.Crickets lull me to sleep,With my blanket of stars.Moon is my only lamp in the dark of night,And she watches over my tired body.I lie on a bed of clovers,As a thick cloud floats by.He turns off the only light,And sends me off to sleep.Here in the peaceful place,Right here, is my dream. 


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