He's not mine to love


United States

He's not mine to love.

The soft way he caresses my body.
His tender lips on my neck
The way he holds me tight
He's got my body in check.

We meet in secret
Like we're playing a game
No one knows about us
They don't know we're the same.

I love him all the time
I thank the man above, even tho
He already has a woman
Therefore, he's not mine to love

Whenever I call, he is mine.
He gives me my time to shine
I'm like his little dove.
He gives me all of his love.

Once time I gave up on us
Oh how I was overcome with lust
Everyday it was a struggle
To be and class and ignore my lover

I know some people might judge
Some would definitely hold a grudge
They would call us "stupid and young"
And find every reason to say what were doing is "wrong"

Even tho he is not mine to love
And the situation were in is rough
I know that true love will prevail
And in the end this will make our love tough.

The End



It came to me when a friend of mine went through a trying time with a guy she obviously in love with. I know it sounds cliche and everything, but if you watched these two when they are together you could see how in sync they are with each other. Even though society would call their relationship wrong, he's not using her, and she in return is not using him. They're just two people in love, but because of they're situation they cannot. That was my favorite part, because I feel it gives other people in the same situation Hope. That one day you will end up with that person. ~ Thank you

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