I hate Tuesdays

I’ve always hated Tuesday’s ya know. I’m not exactly sure why but it might be because of these 13 reasons I’m about to tell you.


Oh wait... 13 reasons why I hate Tuesday’s 🧐is probably a bad number.... 14 reasons why I hate Tuesday’s!!


Number 1: Tuesday is the day after Monday, the day when you’re supposed to be over your case of the Monday’s. But no one cares if you have a case of the Tuesday’s. Because it’s Tuesday.


Number 2: It’s the second day of the week.... twos—-day except why is it not spelled like the number? Whether it was on purpose or on accident.... either way this coincidence irrationally makes my blood boil.


Number 3: I was born on a Tuesday..... you might be wondering why this is a reason to hate Tuesdays, but if you’re a depressed piece of a broken mosaic like myself, then you understand perfectly.


Number 4: In middle school I used to have gym class on Tuesdays. Which probably wouldn’t have been too bad if I wasn’t a fat closeted collection of self-conscious scribbles.


Number 5: 9/11 was on a Tuesday, for those who are old enough to remember. I was too young to remember the initial quake that shook the country but I have lived through every aftershock.


Number 6: the 2016 presidential election was held on a Tuesday.... that’s all I’ll say about that


Number 7: no matter what language you speak.... the word for Tuesday is based on the name of a god of war. Which makes sense because Tuesdays make me want to literally fight someone.


Number 8: Tuesday’s are just so awkward and boring. Like no one looks forward to a Tuesday and you’re already over your initial motivation or productivity for the week. Unless you’re one of those people who aren’t productive until later in the week, so you know..... AFTER TUESDAY.


Number 9: because the Tuesday after you died was Christmas Eve and I had to sit by the tree and pretend everything was fine, decorating the Yule log, still not quite sure if my tears got in the icing, while my world came crashing to my feet.


Number 10: December 31st, 2019.... the day COVID-19 was first reported to the World Health Organization..... which led to a chain reaction of depression, death, and devastation..... TUESDAY!!


Number 11: Taco Tuesday’s..... I hate tacos


Number 12: Bloody Tuesday.... a March for the civil rights movement, the year my parents were born. A hope for a future of equality... ending with carnage and tears caused by the hatred of those who couldn’t accept change.


Number 13: because the abbreviation for it is T, meaning Thursday, the far superior day.... needs to be abbreviated as TR or R and honestly I just think Thursday deserves better


Number 14: the last reason I absolutely HATE Tuesday’s is the fact that right now I can only think of 13 reasons why.... I hate Tuesday’s



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