a new life a new beginning

Last time around it was 25 to life this time around it's A New Life a new beginning
Come on with me they gave me attempted murder aggravated assault with a deadly weapon
They didn't find my fingerprints on the weapon but they still gave me a year and a day turned around and gave me three more years for a total four years locked away with a year on parole I knew I had to suck it up and put it all behind me I just know the man that really did it gonna get his in the end and remember that man is your son tried to take my momma from me but you see I still got her she tried to leave ya
But you tried to keep her tried to take yo own life when she left ya
but todays a new day
a new life
a new beginning
get with it
Now she got married I'm the one that gave her away
Walked her down the isle
It's a beautiful day
To the man that took her hand you better treat her right don't ever raise yo hand if you do it be the last thing you ever do
Today's a new day
A new life
A new beginning
You better get with it
So many people all around me
They act like my friends
But they really act like snakes
Try to come between me and my girl they working hard everyday like a nine to five job there so many around me it's like I'm just alone they thinking that I'm just afraid to put em in they place everyday I'm on my grind 24/7 hustle since I was fourteen I've been doing this along time better get with the program I'ma leave ya behind baby girl you know I be on my 24/7 hustle steady on that paper chase
Don't come around me if you trying
Today's a new day
a new life
a New beginning

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
Our world
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