Lunar Beauty in Abundant Lux

This silver light does shine tonight.

Your celestial body illuminates so bright

And brings this will of mine to fight.


As the moon doth draw a curtain upon the Earth,

So does my heart for your gentle mirth.

A moon with no sun suffers its dearth.


In the absence of light, does darkness prevail.

And in your absence do I shroud my veil

My lunar love beginning to pale.


Your personality is my finality. My fatality. My duality. My vitality. My mortality. My totality.


But day does break upon the dawn,

And suddenly my fears are forgone.

For out of the sky is your radiance drawn.


Your lumens threaten this worldly balance

They amplify my yearn for just a chance

To with a star engage in one slow dance.


You complement me, and I you

As I bid you adieu.

Farewell, and good morning too.

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Beautiful. Just utterly beautiful.

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