Day of Forgiveness

So much pain
So much violence
So much suffering
So much senselessness.

People killing
People hating
People running
People dieing.

Those that kill
How they will
Find the truth
Behind their actions.

When they reach their judjement day
And stand before the Golden Gates
They will tremble with the ache of what they've done
And the knowledge and power of what can't be undone.

They will look into the eyes of God
And feel the pain that they have caused
The hate, the pain, the anguish
And then, they will know.

They will understand their actions
When they look into the eyes
Of those that have died
And they will tremble in fear.

Those that have died
WIll look them in the eye
And their souls will combine
And they will be forgiven.

Hate does not cure hate.
Pain does not cure pain.
Wishing ill on those who wish ill
Will not bring an end to the hate.

Only by forgiveness
When you look them in the eye
Will they know.
And you know.
That all is all right.

I'm not saying that they're actions are justified.
I'm not saying that those people are good.
I'm not saying that those people do not deserve punishment.
I'm not saying that those people deserve a clean slate.

I am saying that when someone has grown strong.
Strong enough to forgive those evil deeds,
Hope is born in the hate.
Love is born from the pain.

And then we can start to heal.



Amen. Well done! ^^


Just wanted to say thank you for leaving such a good comment to my poem, you were my first commentor so it was good to hear. :) God bless.

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