A New Day is Dawning

Thu, 06/12/2014 - 12:49 -- ryannk


Rejoice! A new day is dawning

The light of the sun sets the hills on fire

The mountains are crowned with snow

Rejoice! The sky has never been so blue

Brightly colored birds fill the heavens with music

Happily giving the Lord praise

Rejoice! The breeze caresses the trees

Branches seem to take on a life of their own

Lightly swaying with leaves rippling in the breeze

Rejoice! The brook gushes and flows

Clear, pure water splashes merrily

Traveling its course without a moment's thought

Rejoice! The ocean roars in the distance

Tides pull in and out, the steady rhythm of life

Shells of all shapes and sizes litter the beach

Rejoice! This day is ending

The sun slowly sinks behind the cliffs

The night swiftly follows and the cycle begins again


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