This Lonely Winter Night

it goes like this:

the clock reads 7:06am

cloudy skies, morning mist on the window

i am swallowed by silence 

clod toes, cold nose, cold heart

the coffee warms my throat,

warms my toes,

warms my nose

but still my heart remains icy cold


the afternoon rolls around:

i am haunted by all i have wronged,

by all who have wronged me,

by the inevitable future to come, 

but the regrets of the distant past,

mind throbs, knees shake

they say life starts when you wake

well, i'm still sleeping


dreaded night falls:

the flicker of the candle light is my only comfort

messy room, messy mind

i wonder if there is another soul tonight

who feels as i do, thinks as i do

who can't get their propeller to spin

and how can i find them on this lonely winter night


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