A Day, A Day, A Chapter Away

A call of affirmation

An air of great suppression

Awoken by the stream of light

Which beckons me to my day's plight

A screaming alarm

It means no harm

But morning is dreary

And I am weary

For the day is long and I belong

Every hour, pen in hand, all along

The words, they tumble

Then they crumble

Scaring my mentality into recession

For all my work, is wreaked with depression

The day it bends - bends and weaves

Falling like fresh, colored leaves

My word is filled with relentless mistakes

And the words in my heart - aches, aches

A million minutes which seem to pass

I'm running fiercely from class to class

A hello here, a gentle hi there

Not many friends linger within my air

I'm a bit alone, myself and my word

The writing it comes, sharp as a sword

The sun calls forth, leading me out

Into the light, where squirrels scamper about

The sky burns orange, then a pearlescent blue

As the clouds roll out, soon clear as new

A day begins, once again, a home is built for me and my pen

With notebook in hand, I rush to win

For the goal of the day

A mere chapter away

Upon whithered cotton and stained with horizons

It seems untouched until befall inspirations

The stunning way spoken, laid upon paper

All dipped in gold with a deepening favor

Each letter, each word, each saddened fell tear

Where happy endings come forth - oh, so near

My day begins with a glistening thought

All the characters appear, riddled with naught

I rise to bleed, my soul made of ink

As I call forth my heart and let my characters speak

They whisper, shout, and let out a scream

As I once recall, my inspiring dream

This is the reason for I greet the day

As each beautiful morning, is just one chapter away. 


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