Day by Day

Today is the day I come out of my shell, looking around with nervous hands.

No one can tell I am nervous as I can be. I look up and look down, putting my hands under my thighs and bite my bottom lip.


Maybe if I glance to the side no one will tell, I look over and catch someone's stares. The shock of nervousness rushes all over my body and takes over the little control I have left to spare. Playing it off I look another way and discover a found energy that lurks beneath me.


Someone else looks my way and I smile, next time I will say hello or wave. The music blasting in my headphones control me and relax all of my nervous energy. I feel powerful and take on a new journey while I focus on my next test.


I hope that I will pass this time around or at least make it through the boring book. I sit back in my sit and daydream of many dreams of success, maybe one day I  will be the dark horse.


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