A Cold Night Turned Bright

Night’s existence has inhabited it’s customary frame of space,

which has been allotted.

the black light is tinged blue from the cold,

but the moon washes my skin with it’s warmth,

bathes me in welcome memories of the sun,

soothes me in a hope for some time to come. 


around me lay this icy night,

though, when I close my eyes It’s daylight,

while the steady glow goes, 

through my eyes though closed.


This concrete floor doesn’t bother me anymore,

around me rumbles the hum of urban life,

cars rustling past like trees cast into a midday breeze

everything reminds me of peace,

so when I close my eyes 

I imagine it’s daylight


Up above I sit,

whilst wind casually waltzes past with no purpose,

I’m so close to touching the sky.



 moths lazily lunge toward the street light,

peace rests on me like the moon might

I can close my eyes then imagine it’s daylight,

may there never be another night, then no longer would I have fright, 

God I pray this lasts. 



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