For My Mother


How many years has its been since you gave birth to yours truly?

We've had our ups and downs, many times, but I've kept you in mind lovingly.

I know that I haven't been the perfect child, but honestly

If I could change the hands of time, i wouldn't. Matter of fact I couldn't.

If it wasn't for that I wouldn't be the person I am, and I couldn't say what i felt.

When everything seemed lost, and I was down; you offered your hand for help.

Time will keep moving on, and the years will go by as fast as a hawk in the sky.

Today is your day, but please don't cry. No. Just show me a smile.

That beautiful smile, that brought love, hope, and happiness to me as a child.

I'll love you today and forever. If anything let me just say:

"My mother, I wish you happiness on your special day

and may the good lord bless you more than he has now in many more ways.

Happy Mother's Day."


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