Dusk - Day vs. Night

As I was sitting, the sun was falling right in front of me. I just sat and thought it was beautiful. It's really not though. The sun goes to war with the night every day. But eventually the sun gets tired and falls but then rises to shine brighter than the night. I always have thought the night was prettier than the day. I guess you can say I have nyctophilia. I don't know why I would have it. It doesn't even run in my family. Is it suppose to? I kind of don't care. I always cheered for the night anyway. I always like to stick with the shadows. The glowing brightness of the sun always ruined my mood. I wished that the clouds would prevent the sun to shine through but sadly it doesn't rain much here. Bad weather isn't really part of the war. It just stands by and waits till it's tired of the fighting. But I still enjoy the night more. It has a calm sort of spirit or aroma. Whatever you want to call it. It's getting late I'll rest now and hopefully tomorrow is full of rain and tomorrow night is full of shadows.

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