Time Tells

12:00 AM

Good morning

I will look at you

Smile softly because it’s midnight and time to sleep


1:00 AM

Still awake

Still looking into your eyes

Admiring your smile


2:00 AM

I can feel your breathing

Slowly in and out

Your heart setting how each of my footsteps fall


3:00 AM

Asleep next to you

Perfectly safe

Where else would I want to be


4:00 AM

Your hair curls in perfect little twists

They remind me of my happiest summer days


5:00 AM

Your hand has a way of touching my skin

And making me feel whole

And safe

And loved


6:00 AM

Good morning

For real this time

I will smile at you again

A little brighter than before


7:00 AM

We can make breakfast together

Put on some music


Drink coffee


8:00 AM

I’m a little chilly

You offered me your sweatshirt

How can I decline an eternal hug

Well, I wouldn’t even want to


9:00 AM

Let’s sit outside

In the sun

Maybe feeling its warmth across your body will help you understand what I feel when I look at you


10:00 AM

Let’s start our day

Where would you like to go

11:00 AM

It’s warm so we decided to paddleboard

We set up a hammock on the shore

I’ve never done that before but I know you love it


12:00 PM

We eat watermelon slices in the hammock

And you’re laughing with your wonderful laugh

And smiling with your wonderful smile

And I never want this to end


1:00 PM

I have an inspiration for a poem

It’s about you

I don’t usually have inspiration this middle-of-the-day


2:00 PM

I think I love you


3:00 PM


I know I love you


4:00 PM

I could never be more sure of anything


5:00 PM

You started making me dinner

And gave me a blanket to make sure I was warm


6:00 PM

Dinner is served

Candles are lit

I feel special


7:00 PM

We wash the dishes


And then you smile at me and I can feel the sun across my skin


8:00 PM

You’ve been afraid to show me Logan

But it’s your favorite movie

So I’ll just use your hand in front of my eyes as a shield

And watch as much as I can


9:00 PM

It’s a nice night tonight

Let’s grab a bowl of ice cream and a blanket and go sit outside


10:00 PM

The stars are out

You let me tell you about all of my favorite constellations


11:00 PM

We’re getting tired again

Getting ready for bed is a long process because

I keep wrapping my arms around you

And I’m sorry but sometimes it’s hard to hold back kisses


12:00 AM

It’s the next day

And I love you even more


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