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[NOTE: I'm a non-binary person, my pronouns are they/them. At the beggining of the poem, I talk about the period of time I considered myself a girl. When I start speaking in first personand I talk about "they" I'm talking about myself.
Constant exposure of  instant gratification, that’s where we’ve drawn the line. Where we are, where we’ve been; then traveling further in time. 
You laugh and dance  even if there's no music as there's music on your soul.  You dream and wish upon the stars even when others don't.  You do not give up on yourself even when you are alone,
Adamant diamond Glittering gold Twinkling stars And the radiant sun But her beauty Surpasses all
As the night faded with full dim Passing the ray into dark My love was what I think of her She has fades off my diary Like a pencil write off a book And a music sing off it beat
We had walked a mile And you don't seem to smile We had talked for a while And you dare to lie You had been one of a kind And i don't need to read your mind Could you give me the chance
Increasing my laughter eyes full of tears invisibly Heart shouting help Limiting at my ears Can't be spoken out loud
Lay down with those soft cerulean eyes,  Darling Beauty, Darling True,  And let me paint you like the skies,  For my tainted brush sees none but you.   
Lay down with those soft cerulean eyes,  Darling Beauty, Darling True,  And let me paint you like the skies,  For my tainted brush sees none but you.   
Never give up,Never give in.Move onward and upward with strength from within. Always believe,Always look forward.Never be the one who is seen as a coward.
When I look into your eye’s I see what you try to disguise To surmise Your pain Not in vane We are all the same Humane What defines a life is how you create it
Alone with no sense,  Here comes an angel with its presence,  In just a split second, Just a split second, I see the light that has come before me.   
blood. sputtering.    i breathed in, only to choke. choke on                         my own blood.   as i do my best to survive,
A quiet gallery Full of hushed voices Gather 'round To escape into A Starry Night   With brushstrokes of Hues in China Blue And a flurry of paint In Violet Haze
Four below zero, my hands grew frozen and numb but my mind was fire.  
 It’s not fun being in a classroom,Feeling hopelessHiding my face in my handsPanicking every time they call on meTurning head sideways to avoid being called on Having my heart in my mouth all the timeNot just in a classroom,But mostly everywhere I
 It’s not fun being in a classroom,Feeling hopelessHiding my face in my handsPanicking every time they call on meTurning head sideways to avoid being called on Having my heart in my mouth all the timeNot just in a classroom,But mostly everywhere I
These days, Your words are short, Cut by your tongue Whenever I chip in With my usual story Which of course Has made me a great fool.
The moon is determined Shining above for the world to see Showing his face in the day Where he is least welcome   The moon is determened He smiles broadly in the light of his love
This is the way you put on makeup;  you wear it everyday to become “beautiful”;  don’t wear too short dresses or skirts,  or the guys will be distracted; 
Darkness. It is a tunnel of despair. Of loss. Of fear. It swamps me, blankets me until I hear nothing, feel nothing, until I am nothing.
I couldn’t see Nor did I want to believe Is this really the same man that I once knew? Every moment of my life I never did once cry
I wake up at around 8 My controller jumping in my hand My PS4 waking up  I choose the game that means the most to me  I play until my stomach yells at me
I AM YOUR TERRORIST OF LOVE. I will crawl through Your brain, course through Your veins, infect Your soul then inject Your heart with My Unconditional LOVE.
The cry of the silent one
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I saw my father strung up at the age of five years old  So don’t you sit here and laugh in my face like suicide a joke 
His touch was little at first. Barely holding onto my back. With time his touch gripped on to my neck like a huge claw. I was a slave to his world. Do as he says, when he says, how he says.
  25 yards, at age 10 At 11, 50 yards Now at age 18 I am going 1650 yards in one race An average man can go 3 days without water,
Growing is hard,  Growing is tough, Growing requires all your hope & love,   It's not easy,  and will hurt alote, You need to go through, With all your knowledge, and thought,
Growing is hard,  Growing is tough, Growing requires all your hope & love,   It's not easy,  and will hurt alote, You need to go through, With all your knowledge, and thought,
I've grown quite a bit I remember when I would throw a fit When I wanted something I'd pout and scream and yell I don't do that anymore but my parents would never tell They didn't force me to grow up
The small blonde girl wishes upon a star, swims like a fish in the tub (she's a mermaid, you see), bakes an imaginary pie.  But was it all a lie?
Animals have voices too.
I cant tell if i am lost in a void,Lost in my thoughts, lost in a black hole,Lost in myself or lost in someone else,
Behind the smile is another world An unseen world invisible to many Dark in the day And light in the night
That moment of feeling like a failure When you know success awaits And than you grasp that feeling Of what you desire to be in life Knowing you still lovin mari jane Not to mention college brings debt
I have never been able to say the words out loud. But I definetly know without a doubt, my uncle is gone He left in what seemed like the blink of an eye.  A suprise visit the week before Turkey day 
what they do not tell you about being in the hospital is the waiting waiting in your room waiting at the tables waiting in group for people to finish describing the colors of the monsters that are devouring their soul
You are human You take my skin, my land,my home,my natural life of happiness. You walk this earth invading and controlling. changing balances and of life.
Once small and young, I Can’t forget the time I was only one Summer days were filled with laughter, most of the time felt like nothing else mattered
and as i suffocated up in the clouds, i opened my eyes and realized just how beautiful the world above is.
Your Core is what gets you going, what is your core? Or do you live a life in bore? With every sun and moon, you stay waiting for your time like a racoon. I spend my night and day like a wolf, hunting for my success
How far have we gone When all is said and done What, till now, have we achieved? Have we even earned reprieve?
I take a breath. Silence bubbles up to ears and muffles The sound surrounding me. My Hands curling, my fingers dig into my palm With the viciousness only found in survival. I take a breath.
My eyes refused to shed tears. I am told to keep my mouth closed and my statement to myself by the energies around me. You had my mouth taped closed and not once was I able to gasp for air.
Your heart’s my artForms my whole partWithout it,Empty is my cart. Your heart’s my artMy life flowchartWithout it,I’d lose before start.
There is nothing worse than fearing yourself. Who you were, who you are, and who you will become.  Scared to take chances, or live life to the fullest. There is nothing worse than fearing yourself.
      UNTITLED lost in my thoughts,I have no ideaof what my penis saying in this verse.......
Что я фастно теряю свой облик роняю юрко монеткой в метро ублажая нутро предложениями диалогами душу честный отклик.
*Thump*   Heart caught, lodged within my throat it has burrowed a nest and has made no plans to leave A hummingbird's heartbeat cannot compare to the violent cacophony within 
Billion dollar dreams
I Remember
People say that you choose your mood and I would always interupt them and ask  them why are other people depressed? If you choose your moods, don't you think that 
This person is a face at bedtime. This person is your show at screen time. This person is the light you never knew you needed.   When you don’t know what to do, They will show you.
With great vengeance and furious anger She will burn you. Drag us all through the dirt Until our gashes Are pustulated mounds
Through the days I watched you become more pale than snow,  Your once rosy cheeks have now become a dull white.  I dreaded the fate you would have recieved,  If you would even be able to witness it.   
Roses are red,Violets are blue,Courage is amazing,And so are you. Orchids are white,Ghost ones are rare,List is long,And so is your hair.
Oh, archaic smiles! Oh, shall I never be free of you? Your eyes stare into me,  With a gaze that died long ago, And your smile is painted on, Mocking your viewer with childlike scorn.  
Halfbaked lies smacked straight to my bemused face//seeking a matching remedy seems so unready in reality//
The test day had arrived, and outside I stood, Fingers quaking heart pounding feet tapping, A rhythmic motion,
Look at you adults! Look at your ways! Where pink is pink and gray is gray! You see it all wrong! You've all gone mad! Start with a fresh mind, Come, see it my way!
Back in the day I was bullied  forgotton and betrayed Beaten, abanodoned  abused  and degrade   people in life say take it day by day but i was  never ok  
the words you say.      whisper. force. laugh. scream. conceal. weaponize. are your metaphors and repetition meant to cause?      insult? support? action? attention? they can be read.
I didn’t want to believe in love, I thought it was like a drug, Something I can’t quit, Something that would split.   But you, my darling, You are too startling. The beauty, the wit,
One day, I hope that you burn  In a house fire. I hope That it is a jilted lover Who sets you ablaze. I hope that it is she, Who steals from you what you want to keep.
I thought nobody cared About the war within my soul. I thought my problems should stay, Never see the light of day.   No one wants to hear it.  Stop whining. Your life is good enough.
Know how she feels Nah you don't You just see the smiles Not her cries Dyslexia is not fun She feels stuck Sitting in class she learns nothing She feels dumb She has issues
Why does it take tragedy, to learn a human lesson? Why wait until the damage is done before any stride is taken to lessen, it? National attention only comes to a common issue
Cold Pizza My pizza, so precious and delicious, The flavor that ignites me with hope and optimism The warmth that comforts and soothes my roaring hunger
Dear Diana,   All my life There has been a glass pane Separating me from others When I reached out For the touch of a friend
Dear my love, I saw you today, you spoke to me and my universe turned to align with yours. I turned into the blushing bashful schoolgirl I though I would never be
I shall chase the sunand catch the starsride the moon however farclimb the peaksand swim the oceansnorth to southmy heart opensThe stars your necklacethe planets your rings
The walls… The walls are screaming at my silence Pestering me me me and irritating me me me Mocking my name, My name in this tone I can’t help but scream at this god-forsaken silence--
Months had gone by, you were like a ghost to me a year of friendship, torn at the seams my heart stopped beating the boom of the pain that struck my heart
Three in the morning, And I am awake; The lights are bright- The city is awake; The flurries cluster in fury- The sky is in mourning: Land forms blurry, almost rushed,
Dear Writer's Block, You have so much to say to a piece of paper,but I'm standing right hereplease acknowledge me,and tell me all you know. Your words are like rainI long for it during drought,to hear the drumming music,and wipe it across the sky
To the ones I no longer hold dear,   When your picture is pointed out on the tapestry That's hung in the archives of my heart By it's new inhabitants
Stress is a Bitch Maleek Mayers   Stress is a bitch, It’s like an unbearable itch, No matter how much you scratch,
What was the best thing before sliced bread? And during essay writings, why should I hit a nail on its head? I hope we always feel under the weather, ‘Cause we’re all together
Dear Juvenility, If only, only when Could I have returned to your restful face Could I, being you protect you from the troubling journey of Adulthood. Protect you, holding you
I see my friends crying on the weekends, on holidays, on their birthdays As they worry their away-at-college boyfriends will cheat on them
the chaos is familiar i'm used to the feeling of shredding heartstrings you're my drug and i'm finally numb   i don't know how to be with or without you
You feel like home Or a moment worth celebrating over bob marleys' and rum Like a baby's first words And it was this poem
The Ocean in her limits expanded the pride of her magnetite, in the midst of a thousand skies, a harmless soil. Her courage has swept away a million atrocities on the havoc of ships, boats of kinds and nature defaulters.
Because I love you, I tell you what you can and can’t do Because I love you, I tell you what you can and can’t wear Because I love you, I tell you who you can and can’t talk to Because I love you, I own you  
I'm the last person who should give out advice but I'm glad you asked. So often the person we want is not the person we need. But that's fortune cookie rhetoric, stay with me. Newsflash! Love songs lied to you.
I loved you. I want you to know that I loved you.  You were my everything. You meant so much to me.  You, out of few things gave me a reason to strive.  Gave me a reason to stay alive and not let the darkness consume me.
It's the little things,  Like the way you make me blossom, As if it were spring time. The way you look at me from afar,  Like I'm the only thing in the room. The way words just roll off your tongue,
Here is the scholarship    built    from the breaking of my bones and the tearing of my mental flesh resurrected from the dead dreams buried in the liberal arts category
Show me your world, The one I can't see, But it will never be enough. Our strongest bonds will become stronger, Because I love you. It's not One-Sided, Not about me, Not about you,
We are so distracted by how tough it is,   we usually forget how beautiful the beginning was.
For me,  you were a miracle,  a secret,  untouchable, youthful, my favorite metaphor, but it turned into the darkest poem, you took what I had to give, until there was nothing left,
I have been persecuted For the color of my skin For the clothes on my back For the way I cut my hair For the way I sag my pants For the way I act
Love is trust. Love is tingles from your head to toes. Love is distracting. Love is infuriating. Love is Love.
You don't know who I'am You don't know where i from But you still can't stop to judge me.
Once, in a mansion on the hill, there lived ten servants, two parents, and Cinderella.      While children received bread and far less,      Cinderella played princess in a sparkly new dress.
To envision, imagine the world like fusion as thee life unfolds a dragon, To speak no evil to hear is good and we only did what we could, The world, dark cold bleak is like a pearl blackened from the deep,
Once upon a time..    A woman name Cinderella wished upon star.  
I waited, for a response from you, a mere whisper perhaps.   To a torn heart thrown at you, carved with my surrender.   A plea for my liberation, saying " I won't longer wait for you".
Dolphin’s Love By:Brandi Utley
Cinderella danced away, but no one would come her way. Her sisters watched and laughed in pain, while sipping fancy champagne. No beautiful flowy gown or exquisite glass slipper,
I was a lonely frog in a fantastic pond My skin was green and I lived on caffeine  'Till that one day came when a golden ball fell On the top of my head so I came up unplanned  
A girl emprisoned by her own hair,  The vanity unkenned through the land,  The tower's walls concealed each strand,  and the very maiden fair.    For jealousy, for jealousy, was she far locked away, 
Dear old father,
America, O America,  you are the land for the free.  The toungues roll off words, and affect us deeper than a pit in the sea.  My homeland I wallow in,  freedom to be, but highschool isn't the place for me. 
Let me speak the truth of this heart, That no one wants, To see, touch, or feel its true intentions, Of not lust that fulfills most sapiens,
We are amazing We are free We have been born here and that is all we need to prove it We’ll protect you, feeble ones Our might is strong
Brighter than an exploding star, I am that of the future. Whether it be near or far, I hope to be accepted and not treated like that of an intruder. Lives are taken lightly but not treated as fragile.
Where I'm From I had no house, car or mom, Where I'm From I had to ration my food, Where I'm From holding a sign that displayed "God Bless All" and "I am hungry, will do anything for help" was my every day job,
I bleed the happiness from my soul, Addiction to exile is taking its toil. Remorse without pity, And neglect to the sickly. Purge away my love for you. Before I die of heartache,
A stranger in the eyes of a child damned to live in a country of wickedness, How ironic the place of freedom is the most bound place on earth. A solid chained weight on our ankles corroded in sinfulness,
I come from the world of idealists and dreamers. Every moment is a step towards safety and stability but every step seems harder than the last, a brief moment of reprieve is replaced with reality.
Trump is president He will make our lives better By breaking our hearts
I promised myself since I was a kid, Any lie to my mind I would forbidBut I've tasted temptation way too soonThis lie has lead me to my ultimate doom.
Bosses are really the biggest followers because they know at the end of the day they're just a footstool for the person above them. Over the course of last year I too have learned this fact and it has not changed me but merely my intentions.
Trump Creations By: Joshua Eshelman Fighting for the Presidency He ran with an unprecedented contingency
This year I heard they were bombing on the other side, I just want the world blood free Let the war go The world is ours Yet the few run it So this year rap beef get coverage over the struggle now
The shakes, the nerves, the trembles of absolute fear I feel in the tiny hands attached to me.  They control me. They make one motion that consumes my focus entirely.  I am drowning in a sea of my anxiety.
Have you ever, just sat and wondered... Whether or not a certain person cared? Whether they felt the same way you do? Whether they'd sacrifice certain things just for you?
I lived my life inside the pages of all my favorit stories. Time and time again I was whisked away  to fantastic worlds, where I was able to fly on the backs of dragons,
You look at me as if I am inhumane You ponder your thoughts on why I am of use to you You see me dead in the eye and cut me open I cannot breathe I cannot speak  I have no voice I am not heard.
Some people search there whole lives to find what I've found in you. And maybe am scared because you mean too much to me more
What is life? It’s a question of someone’s self dignity, An insight to one’s happiness and endurance, A creation of a higher power, It is created,
Blink blink open eyes Agility dash whoosh realise She might appear true Atmosphere consuming you He be running wildly Eagle angle, wearing indigo Chipped here, lacks mildly
When I awake there is a book to read Day in and day out, with this book I plead What’s the topic today, how about tomorrow? Whatever it is, this book blots out the sorrow
Sometimes when life is hard, my mind's window ajar, I let out a big old groan that can be heard over in Rome. My boy friend hears this noise and will come to me with poise, then....
As I open my eyes I see light a thousand times brighter than the light we see in the sky.  It feels as though heaven is smiling down upon me saying one word, "go".
                                           I couldn’t wait to say Hi when I saw her passing by. her stature is life
 Anxiously I wait for your arrival To have you under my arms and hold you tight Where no one will ever hurt you Where I can give you my love for an eternity  My beautiful daughter 
A school day usually starts with “The Pledge of Allegiance.” Book bags weigh a ton from all the homework. C.A.B. meetings are on almost every Wednesday.
I miss you, I love you. What day is it? Where are you? Hey,   Hello. What are you doing today?
there are hundreds of cities and every single oneis filled with thousands upon thousands of people sitting in cow face grinning but also trying real hard not to move because theywill be shot in the heada girl in gaborone cries for a dead pet (she
What will you do Who will you be Yesterday is gone Tomorrow seems like an eternity But so How do I make my choice Which way do I go The easy way out Rather than to stay and suffer
I’m not much of a poet But then other times I think Maybe I am if Only in some ways   In a rush or a trickle When I least expect them to Words have a way of Flying from my hands  
When I see you burning Tears fill my eyes Crying children and mothers Make my heart bleed Blood covered bodies of youth Burn my soul Valiant guerrillas fighting to liberate you Keep my spirit high
Of Thoughts and Things   Words of oral pleasure How deeply they penetrate Attempting to conjure what can only be felt   Feelings, the true nature of being Forward and embolden they are
Roses and violets, I plant these kinds everywhere! The smell makes me calm. 
Suffocating in this ocean of noise. Tried drying my eyes that are now puffy and moist.  Where was your love in my time of need? Where were you when I couldn't sleep?  An oath from you abandoned carelessly.
sometimes I can't breathe.sometimes the air, like water, closes over my headand it's all I can do but cryand sometimes I do.and sometimes the drowning, the pressure ofthe earth on my body like Atlas, oh God,
She pens her whispers into hushed handwriting. shouts her fears, thoughts, angers into the cold clean air.   slinks through every inhalation that passes,
I hate this type of cry. All I do is try. Every good deed- Inevitably never comes back to me. I suffocate in the person I long to be.   You see; It’s significantly complicated.
Lips touched by our harmony, Passion ignites the soul which sleeps... Reckless abandonemnt of reality frees our storming nature, Capturing this flash of beauty~
  My friends Even if the world has crashed will you be here with me To pick up all the broken glass below the people's feet Your true eyes sparkle, you smile shines bright
Every day from three to five I work my hardest at playing ball From running to diving I am sure to stop Whether rain or shine Like a scheduled train, I’m there The plays are my rails
Shards of glass on the floor mists of smoke flavoring oxygen my heart in andante and my thoughts run allegrio   the last pint of blood in the  cartridge of my pen let me write the words
Standing in the cold Doing what I'm told But it's finally midnight There's nobody in sight I go into my own world And leave the other behind
A day without you is like a nightmare I can't wake up from. In days like these it's like I'm walking through water that only reminds me of the color of your eyes,
Who am I, without my well being To strong for Armstrong, to quick for Usain, and to intelligent for Einstein. On my best day I'm untouchable
If you loved him,Those words wouldn't roll off your tongue like a ball down the alley. If you loved him, Yelling at him would burn your throat like you just look 7 shots of liquor. If you loved him,You wouldn't be able to call him names because yo
Oh Calculus, what are your limits? You take not minutes, But hours of comprehension Which I wish I may apply optimization. Your infamous related rates Lead me to a doomed fate.
I sit here and type in the darkened room. Just the glow of the lights that drape the walls allow me to see. I can hear everything in the room and see everything from the position I sit.
I see them smiling and laughing Wishing I was with them Wishing they could see me Two steps away   I see them enjoying their lives Wanting to taste that air Wanting to be there
Sweet sweet child  Is a child so merry In the pools of your eyes I can see my reflection   Flowers bloom in the darkness A light was now born The heart that was broken
Bongoe drums and bullfights, Swining days and reckless nights - In Technicolor or Black and White, Wrong or right, he'll win the fight - Caught in a dusty haze - till his final days
They call me crazy; I'm not. Your incompetence just drives me to insanity this time of the month. The squeak of a desk, the laughter of a child, the sound of someone eating a meal
The moon is bright with life as I stare, but as I go to leave he room, it grows dark with dispair. In my vision everything lost the glows of life. I invision a life full of hppiness,
Romance is dead, and poetry buried beside it Lovers no longer are roses by many names, but the vixen of a song Classics are branded a bore, the modern is too formulaic Free form is "sloppy"
All I Need Is Music  Out of all things in the world that I would love to have The one thing that I can't live without, out of everything in the world? Only one thing comes to mind. Music.
The night sky fills with darkness and stars   The moon does rise with hands on hearts scars   Mourning and Morning, so filled with pain,  
I could live without, but I don't want to. I couldn't start my day right, and my nights wouldn't be the same. The heat wouldn't run through my veins, not through me at all. Life would drag,
Give me my soda, I won't ask you twice I need it right now, the essence of my life I'll count to three: one, two, okay now give it to me Do you see me laughing? This isn't a joke
A young kid shows up at her brother's gate, already soaked just from looking at the Colorado scene. God knows how she was chosen for the job. Yet there she is, ready to be a farm machine.   
The pen is an extension of my mind; An extra nerve sending pulses of energy onto paper in the form of ink lines the release that no one knows.  
I Love Guns:A Slam Poem
Please remember the following. You need to remember that nothing is impossible. Understand that no one is better than anyone. Know that money is the root of all evil.
You see my life goes like this, 
Months later And I still find sand in my bag Long hours of worship Sitting through sessions And meeting new friends that will last a lifetime Small group discussions on the beach
 Oh Patch I miss the feel of your soft fluffy fur You were always there for me when i needed comfort
When I was a child, I had an imaginary friend When I grew up, He became real I molded him into clay, a pure image of perfection He dressed my soul, with fine needs And I ate wondrous things
When the man I loved tried to commit suicide, I can only describe my pain as having my heart ripped through my chest with hands of barbed wire, broken-glass dreams and smoldering promises.
I am a song, melody unheard lyrics unsung    I am a slave and the world is my cage while their words bind me in chains   But they do not define me
A single drop of rain  Is a bullet from a sniper in the sky 
all things expected all things endured nothing remembered nothing obscured
The soul selects her own                         companion Then shuts the door –only to                         The select To her divine majorily-ONE Present no more- but the only  
January 20, 2015
Chocolate chastises my every thought, addiction from something easily bought, dagerous yet sweet, I am caught. What waits within the wrapper will always win, we all have our demons, and chocolate is my sin,
                           My life has always been full.                            From education, to travel.
Most people say that it is bad for you That it can cause bad teeth, obesity, and diabetes too.  
Everything has its own touch, Depending on your view...   My pencil just ran out of lead. How convenient! The new puppy whizzed on the floor. Just beautiful!
I have the meanest mother in sight. She’s a mean mother  I’m sure, I’m sure I’m right.  
To be individual Live with residuals  'cuz after all only you can get into you can't be predictable got to be original
Get up. Open my eyes. Today begins. The reality that it must begin is what scares me. It waits like a resolute samurai at the threshold – Here is your sword, we must begin the battle before we are overcome.
I thought I was prepared for what I'd not truly felt yet. The fights numbed my hurt and the lack of sleep froze my heart. I left you for good reason. I couldn't take another year,
Im so high like an astraunat,my flow hard like an igniouse rock,am i gold or diamond.drop it,then i guess im a star,because i'm the only one who bring the light to this world,see im busy chana running all the power cycle,hundred meters damn,i ain
  I told you that night, around 5 some of the dark things in my life like/ And I'm not saying it's right, but we all gotta learn/ Innocence leaves like dad did, overnight /
I loved you And I thought that love was mutual but it was only as mutual as the sheets you shared with every other girl who was stupid enough to lay with you beneath them
Him. A Poem The first time I saw Him, I was thirteen, The classroom bold, and My thoughts clouded with Thoughts of him.
Summer Fun, humid, hot Tanning, swimming, laughing Bonfires, beaches, sunglasses, water
The beauty in what we see ,started before there was a "you" and "me" Before society burned fuels and cut away our trees. Before the air we breathed was filled with air of pollution and debris.
Restless sleep at battles end and neither dawn nor day could ressurect, The wounded, weary, shell shocked Youth that neither present nor future could select.
I see in you what I don’t see in others You may think you are not worth for anybody, yet you are worth for me I know that you don’t even notice me, but someday you will Yet, when that day comes, it would be too late for you
Oh, I've got no problem eating alone. Make no mistake-- I can eat what I want when I want it. I can think how I look like I go where I want. I can see whom I please, Say what I mean,
Deliberately scraping each other off like rusted paper (Who is this man?) Without the coffee grinds in my mouth I'm just as good as the filter in your jeans, now.
When he wraps his arms around me, I am in a sleeping bag on a mountain,  Peaceful and shielded from the breeze. When he tells me that he loves me,  I am listening to soft, beautiful music
As I look for my new spiral notebook in the morning I see this old spiral notebook the yellow spiral notebook before that yellow spiral notebook, there were many spiral notebooks  
There is no way out of BLANK. It's very gloomy here under the shadow of BLANK... Nobody else dares sit here and so I do. You will board when you're ready and the flames will
Demented. An adjictive used to describe him. A alot. Used by his parents Who have resented his dreams, Deams him not to be seen.
Defeat is the only thing I feel Saying I'm UNBROKEN when I'm just feeding you lies
Who am I when nobody can see? Behind closed doors and darkness, I am truly me. Guarantee.   I am the one with the big heart. You know…? The one that always ends torn apart.
  I am the Tolerant in a world of persecution, I am the Competitor in a generation of participators, I am the Dreamer in a culture of pragmatics.
My body is a cavern There is nothing inside My heart is beating But I don't feel alive   I'm desperate for a connection That I'm not willing to maintain I choose to avoid people
Without the filters who am I? Without the filters will I die?   Millions persuaded to become something they're not, only to find that out that what's inside....has changed a lot.  
It's the rainiest of days,
These 4 walls that surround- portaying no sound. Quiet takes over. wondering why, becomes a whispering lie. Over looking the past and wondering how it went so fast. Time has frozen. Is this real? Life has hit us with a new deal.
There are piles of homwork to do And who's going to do it all, Who? Using all of my time Tryin to come up with rhymes But still nothing to show unto you.
TYPE 1   I wake up each morning Brush my teeth and wash my face
TYPE 1   I wake up each morning Brush my teeth and wash my face
TO BE VAIN:    How hard is it to understand one’s true intentions?   Faced with different interpretations, what is sky blue may be turquoise or teal.  
I wondered What made him break the bonds,
  Now starting back from when I was a young child, I endure
I wear a mask of stoicism. Even if the violence, The irritation, The hypocracy and hate, They get to me and cause my blood to boil. But, I can't let them get to me. My mask is what keeps me calm,
Paradise lies in thy eyes,Beauty sleep in thy body.For each time thee take to smilethee takes I to a utopian isle.Ay,
The difference in believing is like lighting a spark to a flame lighting a match with lightning and drowning in the rain
I am the one everyone leans on But in the end I lean on the line I can pick up all the pieces that are broken Just not my own How is it that the weak help the weak? I find inner strength
Freak Loser Awkward Words will never break me Loving my Amazon structure Easier said than done Seen in magazines Seen on runways
There were times when I wasn’t happy with who I was. There were times I was too confident in myself There were times where all I wanted to do was run and hide.
I am flawless yes I am I work so hard to be that man everyday I get in my ram and work on the land I till up the garden with my hands after I'm done the corn looks so good it looks like a name brand
Now the days of sufering have gone away The feeling of depression is still with me  When I try to live my life day by day It gets ruined by a bully   When he calls me names I play no games
I am more than just a filter More than what's behind the computer behind the lightening effects of my skin lies a girl wanting to fit in My words aren't heard in the scene
To go forth without a doubt, To make way for all scorn,
I am an epileptic schizophrenic with the magnetic charm of a younger Tom Selleck;   I am a rampaging bafoon who jumps before he leaps to his impending—   Doom, Doctor Doom, he who looms
Their songs kept me turning
Not everyone puts filters on their pictures,
I have had braces for 5 long years.
My life is flashing before my eyes, Will I live or will I die? I breathe in the fullness of life, Tensions so thick I can cut it with a knife, People of all colors, Come together as one,
I am a Fertile Woman No I am Free Smart Small and big A giant in the mind A penny in person I am an athlete of the brains race
Her love is fake 
I am tough and I am strong but at times its not like that at all. There's a girl who gives a shit behind this wall and very few people walk through it.
my sweet love
Happy birthday to you—
Major? An empty box blinking on my computer screen, After 18 years it's unknown to me, I sit in class everyday relearning the quadratic formula Having no idea how to pay bills, How to pay taxes
Curtains I hide from myself From the fears The doubts The insecurity I show a different me A me that is confident Joyful Loving
Detication, admiration;  words we all must know. Segregation, alienation;  words we must let go. For the world you see is the reflection from the puddles forming at your feet
If I die,I want to be there,that tree,behind thosemountains,in the roots.Nextto the bugs Choppedbut grounded.becauseIm not those
The fire in my eyes from poverty I despise I begin to realize my unwilling demise My will to win is powered by sin As I overcome pain with a pad and pen A college-bound kid that will never give up
Step by stepI move to the beat.
I have accepted my judgement; That these acolytes have thrusted upon me; They need not any hammers; As their vision penetrates my skin; As their minds grasp my very essence; Constantly electrocuted;
Umm, exaggerate much?!
MathThe one subject that I wish didn’t existThese numbers, they hate me, drive me insane!Why do they exist? They literally are labels and math should die.
Hear em' shots from da Trumps n' Saxes?How bout' the drops of the Basses' beats?
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