I Am...Strong

I am a song,

melody unheard

lyrics unsung 


I am a slave

and the world is my cage

while their words bind me in chains


But they do not define me

I am strong


I am the rain,

how it falls and comes back again


I am the tree

that still stands after a storm

for you have no idea how much it had endured


Their voices

merely nothing but wind;

it comes and goes 

but I do not bend


I am not defined by words

I am not labled for sale 

I am me

and I do me very well


Their words tore me down

out of bitterness and hate

But flowers cannot grow 

without a little bit of rain


I am a flowing river

born of heartbreak and tears

but what they do not know

is how much it has dried over the years


So look up my name,

search it in the dictonary

And the definition you will see:


"Stronger than any" 











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