Dear Anxiety,

The walls…

The walls are screaming at my silence

Pestering me me me and irritating me me me

Mocking my name,

My name in this tone

I can’t help but scream at this god-forsaken silence--

This silence that speaks so loudly and so calmly at the same time--


How is my mind so incredibly messed up that

My own walls are annoying me and fiddling with my ear-drums


Why does this fake silence encompass my entire body and start a fire under my bottom just to watch my blood boil and

My voice…

My voice is now so raspy from all the screams that sprang out of my mouth,

Begging my head to stop playing the drums around my brain

And my


Fingers are pulsating,

Pruning up from the heat steaming from my ears and wrapping around my fingertips

But no one can hear my screams.

No one can feel the temperature rising in my room.

No one.

No one…


But these walls…

 laughing at my loud silence.




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