How Men Define Women in Society

This is the way you put on makeup; 

you wear it everyday to become “beautiful”; 

don’t wear too short dresses or skirts, 

or the guys will be distracted; 

don’t get drunk at a party 

or they will rape you, 

and it will be your fault; 

don’t sleep with your boyfriend,

 otherwise he will talk about you to his friends,

 and you will be labeled a “Whore”; 

put on a fake face 

because no one likes a “drama maker”;

 hide the pain behind a smile 

because you have to be okay; 

hold the tears in your sad little eyes 

because negative feelings show weakness; 

don’t walk with confidence 

because women will “never” be equal;

  don’t show affection towards your friends, 

or you will be labeled a “lesbian”; 

don’t dress casual, 

or you will be labeled as “transgender”; 

don’t eat snacks or fast food, 

otherwise you are a “pig”; 

our feelings don’t matter, 

so you rain on our parade;

 “beauty and sex” is all that we are;

 don’t say “no”, 

or he will shove harder; 

sex “doesn’t matter” it is just “pleasure”; 

don’t talk about yourself 

because that is “self-centered”; 

don’t even speak 

because what you say “goes in one ear and out the other”; 

you aren’t even important you are just another one of his “games”; 

“make me a sandwich”

 because you aren’t “royalty”, 

you are his “slave”; 

dress up 

because he doesn’t want you to embarrass him at this gathering;

  no matter how good your grades are you will never be as “smart” as him;

   your opinion doesn’t matter 

because he will never take it into account


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Love this! I feel it's true for us girls!


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