Sweet Sweet Child

Sweet sweet child 

Is a child so merry

In the pools of your eyes

I can see my reflection


Flowers bloom in the darkness

A light was now born

The heart that was broken

Has been put back together


 My niece, two nephews 

The three muskateers, almost never apart

Never hide, they don't coward

Fearless and optimistic


I look to my siblings and say

" Don't ever let go "

How can one live

not seeing the beauty of birth?


What lives in the womb

Such beauty makes you humble

Painting with fingers

And chasing butterflies...


All I need is these kids

These miracles of God

Without them I'm Plain

Or maybe rotten, decayed


Brooklynn, Christian & Eli

I worry of losing the chance

To run up and hug you

I cry when your sobbing


College won't be easy

I'll cry ten more times

Before I then log out of skype

Wouldn't see your faces until tomorrow night


All I need is the trio

Who changed me so dearly

No longer I feel hatred

My heart aches with such love


Sweet sweet child

Is a child with direction

The greatest blessing in the world

Smart children you will become

Nothing else matters

For you are all that I need

This poem is about: 
My family
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