In a child's eyes

Thu, 06/14/2018 - 16:00 -- s802248

Look at you adults!
Look at your ways!
Where pink is pink and gray is gray!
You see it all wrong!
You've all gone mad!
Start with a fresh mind,
Come, see it my way!

Pink is not pink!
Nor is gray gray!
Allow me to explain my silly, twisted thoughts,
Pink is the celebration of an on the way girl,
or even a cherry tree in full bloom!
And gray is a man with a single rose in his gloom.
These things are not things,
They are pictures scenes and feelings!

Your life is more than what it seems!
Look around you, see the world differently!
The sun is not gas and fire,
The sun is joy hope and desire!

Your very home is an adventurous place!
Filled not with sticks and bricks
But lightsabers and old rusty phones.
Where trashcans are spaceships;
and pillows are soft walls of a king’s new fort
You lives are filled to infinite and beyond!
You stare at innovative machines,
Yet you can’t even see them!

Your eyes are broke!
Your minds have gone dull.
Look around once more.
But not with your eyes,
Look at this world,
And look with a child’s eyes.

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Our world
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