Life of Pride: The Descent


  Now starting back from when I was a young child, I endured a demeaning life. Even at the earliest memories of my childhood I was never seen as anything more than just speck of dust lying in the dirt. One who was constantly reminded of his place and significance by his own parents. Only known to be the lesser of his two siblings, in everything from achievements and attention to praise and love. I was an outcast of my own family, and pushed away and down by the people who he thought were meant to raise and protect him. Beaten, on a daily basis the young boy lived in fear of doing wrong. His father of drunken habits constantly asserted himself causing terror in the boy's heart. To live in a nightmare, he was broken into pieces through strikes of vicious intent or remarks made to crumble one's esteem. Forced into predicaments with his guardians uncaring if danger was a possibility. Told lies and twisted truths to drive the young boy deep into madness and nearly self destruction. Minds racing in circles reaching nowhere he lived, a mere drone was all he seemed to strive to be. Bashed down into where most would break under the amount of grueling pressure and deception left by his parents wake. The young boy grew, matured and developed a sense or personality. Filled with nothing but anger and hatred, like a boiling pot he would one day self implode. 


              His eye's were no longer that of a normal person. Only a monster or demon was present in the face of his torn soul. Separating himself from others as to not harm or infect them with his venom known as vengeance towards the people who carved their names on the inside of his heart. He one day had a revelation, where why would he cause others the pain that he suffered? No one deserved such torment to haunt their minds. With a turn of life, the young boy set his heart on protecting and honorably serving those he truly cared for. Stopping at nothing to show his gratitude he would one day become the shield and armor for those in need. Until the loyal young man would be struck by a hurtful disease. Utterly changing his life so to speak, unable to compete or continue with his peers. He became half the strength he once was, tired and broken he felt. Though after his years of service and honor to those he believed cared for him, when he rose his hand to ask for assistance. A gentle ask for help to pull him from his pit, no one came, no one at all. The boy sunk deeper into his mind and barely held on to sanity by a hair. He was at his deepest and darkest moments, until someone would finally come to grab his hand. He was pulled from the pit by what he thought to be an angel.


                She was a beautiful and magnificent young woman with features that words couldn't explain. She had given life to the near fatal man, a second chance she offered. Time had passed and the life finally seemed to be a bright path for the young man to follow. Then, she visited him. A long looming day of nervous tension crawled up the young man's spine. She delivered the words of traitorous ways, for the angel of his dreams had betrayed him and used him for his gifts and time. Struck down like a arrow to the heart, the young man fell once again. Though this time, he did not fall into a pit or into a sadness of unreasonable actions. He stood back up, with a look in his eyes. Not that of anger or loss, not even vengeance was across his mind. He was far more hurt on his own self pride. Something that was the light he so tightly held unto during his darkest hours.


          Now, that it had been struck down he became something worse than a demon or a monster. It grew like a aggressive venom spreading throughout his body, the arrogance and pride of the once sturdy and loyal man had broken free. No tears or smiles would cure this disease, only a horrific ambition to gain power. At any cost. He would break bonds, step on the weak and stop at nothing to achieve the feeling of his succession. He was never satisfied with whomever he beat or surpassed, all he wanted was more and more power. He crushed relationships and ties with family and friends, bashed enemies and foes without mercy. He had become his own worst enemy. Then they day his ways finally caught to him, when he would meet the one person whom he held dearly all his life begged for his rampage to come to an end. He would hear the words as they touched him, striking a feeling he hadn't felt in a very long time. He would begin to remember the horror and terror he had become. The cries he caused, the havoc he left. The man had realized his sinful actions, as the feelings clashed inside him. He would unleash the shout that shook mountains and waved the oceans. A burst of emotion came from within him as he fell unconscious to his knees. The man was now shattered, physically and mentally. Ashamed of his ways... he would never be the same again. 



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