I couldn’t wait to say Hi

when I saw her passing by.

her stature is life

mere looking at her from the back side.

she looks more like an angel,

cos her hair was just so well permed with an hair gel.


I was touched and moved with a little shock.

wet and melted just because of her buttock.

immediately she passes me by,

my heart started beating very fast and high.

high temperature, pressure, sure.

cos I could not imagine the graphics of this her stature.

to me this is what they called amazing grace.

because this her stature; I am blushing, God I hail.

her hip, well curved, balance with frames.

brothers you know what I am talking about, this their figure 8.

full of attraction action,

ready to war by causing distraction.


see; I lost control.

now guess what happens to my feelings, everything went go slow.

emotion becomes activated.

reflecting and beeping on the day I will see her under wears,

please, don’t judge the poet, it is not by might,

it is by thy spirit says God almighty.

the babe is just too fine. she is a typical example of God hand work.

so beautiful, so adorable , fine and no spot.

a garden enclosed with roses is she.

slap me seven times if you think I am exaggerating. 


beauty without mercy.

running height, step and shape like a rhyming poetry.

she is just too fine.

from her hair to her toe, everything combined.

look at her.

the one I have been talking about.

she is my heart.

she can’t just go for she held me cold.

she has taken away my senses

and my  focus like a guess fantasy.

she has chartered my notion to emotion .


I haven’t know her that,

but just a gaze at her I went mad.

I never intended to cry,

but cometh tears in my eyes.

In my good dream I sigh,

so my soul screamed in love high.

in the presence of my thinking I wept

so tasty, so I madly slept.

the roses beneath the shadow of heart,

what is this beauty, Oh my father !


her teeth so white

so her skin such I like.

pretty angel,

how I wished you can use me as your braided hair gel.

how I wished you can be mine,

so you will be the one to give me the modern Africa love designs .

but any ways, please compensate my emotion.

have deep thought about all these my confession.

so that I will not die in this my present state of convulsion.










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