Trusting a Lie

I promised myself since I was a kid,

Any lie to my mind I would forbid
But I've tasted temptation way too soon
This lie has lead me to my ultimate doom.

My mother is my home and life,
But my lie was my most sharpest knife 
That took away her only trust
Now she has swept me aside like dust.
My phone, my laptop, my privileges were taken;
Nothing hurt me more than to see my mom so shaken.
One lie has lead to more than one,
These lies I thought at least time could overcome.
Though time has passed and now I'm free,
The trust my mom had I still might never see.
No lie is worth a truth that's feared;
No lie will have a guilty mind cleared.
If the truth be told it should be this,
That I have lied and was too careless.
I trusted a lie to get me through
These feelings I experienced I never knew
This mistake I have made for a boy was not worth
Losing the trust of the woman who gave me birth.
I love you mom, but sorry I cannot say
Words are not enough to rebuild trust in a day.
I am grateful for this lesson I have come to learn
That lies are not worth a loved one's concern.


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My family
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