Mon, 10/29/2018 - 21:18 -- Valiere

People say that you choose your mood and I would always interupt them and ask 

them why are other people depressed? If you choose your moods, don't you think that 

depressed people would chioose to be happy? The response they give me is,

"Depression isn't serious. Why are you making it a big deal?" Are you serious 

Depression isn't a mood, it's a diease, a uncurable horrible feeling diease. I laugh 

when some people say that they are depressed because I know that they're not.

They don't know what depression feels like. They're just really sad and never felt that 

sad. Having depression is different, having depression hurts when you cry, you have 

to stop yourslef from crying almost every night, it sucks because you feel like you 

can never ever be happy again. Depression can make us feel like we're already dead.

I cry at random times, when people ask me how I'm doing I want to say that I'm lost,

I feel numb, I need help, my depression keeps me locked and I end up lying and 

I end up saying that I'm fin. Nobody can see how much I hurt 

nobody ever does.

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