The Trinity of Pain



Oh Calculus, what are your limits?

You take not minutes,

But hours of comprehension

Which I wish I may apply optimization.

Your infamous related rates

Lead me to a doomed fate.

Why must I do differentiation?

And why must I retrace my steps and do integration?

Oh blasted pre-Calculus.

You prepare me not for Calculus!


Oh Chemistry, you blow my mind like a thermite reaction.

Whenever my brain sees you it goes through liquefaction.

Ionic bonds, covalent bonds, hydrogen bonds, metallic bonds,

What have you spawned!

You have given birth to cursed stoichiometry,

You might as well add radiometry.

Why not add redox reactions.

Now my destruction is as positive as cations.

Wait, there’s more, SP, SP2, SP3, HYBRIDIZATION!

I wish I were an electron, give me your worst IONIZATION! 


Oh World History, spare me from your research papers.

When you are assigned, my spirits taper.

From Mongolian maims to Roman reign,

From Vietnamese pains to British gains.

One hour? One day? One week?

No, twelve weeks.

Paper, test, paper, test,

What a mess!

You lead me to my damnation.

Jesus, Muhammad, Buddha, give me salvation!

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