Sexual assault

My eyes refused to shed tears.

I am told to keep my mouth closed and my statement to myself by the energies around me. You had my mouth taped closed and not once was I able to gasp for air.

You stifled me out of my breath, leaving me hopeless and weak. 

I still hear your sadistic, irking laugh screeching into my ear when there is nothing but silence late at night. 

I once thought I deserved that pain but I didn’t, no does.

You found the confidence in inflicting pain on others or maybe I was the only one you took advantage of. 

The tossing, and turning in my sleep was imperishable because of him. 

His face haunts me like the haunted house I’ve been afraid to go inside of all these years.

He hunted me down everywhere I went and everywhere I looked his face appeared.

Petrified, I was.

His words are carved into my soul like the harsh smell of vinegar.

You were the snake’s venom, slowly killing me with your painful deep bites into my skin and 

Making me your next victim. 

You were poison, and you put a hex onto my soul. 

Just like poisonous flowers, I thought to myself they were seen to be beautiful.

There’s no undoing the pain you brought but I won’t dare let you take the very last drop of my freedom and peace out of my soul. 

I feared to tell my story, I feared to tell the authorities, I feared that I would be alone in this, I feared that no one would believe a word I said but now I am not scared anymore. I am powerful and I will break the cycle. If you are a victim of sexual assault, you are not alone. Speak up. 

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