The princess imposter

Her love is fake 

Her face is plastic

Every truth is stretched out

Like elastic


She is out of control

As it has to be

She would tear herself apart

If she could see


If she doesn't know 

What she's done to us

Maybe she can learn

To be worthy of trust


Her blind eyes 

They don't see any one else

They don't see our pain

They only see herself


She doesn't understand 

How reckless she is

All of the destruction

She leaves in the mist


All she wants 

Is you to know of her beauty

She doesn't want to see the side of her

That isn't a cutie


When she looks in the mirror 

She doesn't see a monster 

She sees a princess

But that is an imposter


Hell will come

When she can't lie anymore

When she can see what she's been

... unspeakable horrors


Don't be the princess


don't be the mob

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