A Single Pink Ribbon

Through the days I watched you become more pale than snow, 

Your once rosy cheeks have now become a dull white. 

I dreaded the fate you would have recieved, 

If you would even be able to witness it. 


Knowing the growing demon within your left breast grew, 

I so desired to release you from it's grasp. 

Oh how I loathed the awful moster!

Damn the reasons for it to be. 

How dare He damn you with this cruel fate for which you did not see!

And yet, you remained strong, you did not show fear!


And how could you do it? 

Not even my eyes believed you could,

I saw the light in your eyes once more.

The once pale, sucken cheeks have now brightened more than I could forsee!

My naive smile and emotions grew,

And I regretted doubting you. 

You found your own power and strength,

and I found mine in you. 

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My family
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