Mental disorders


United States

Know how she feels
Nah you don't
You just see the smiles
Not her cries
Dyslexia is not fun
She feels stuck
Sitting in class she learns nothing
She feels dumb
She has issues
You don't know her
You just see the fake smiles
Do you know when she feels like giving up
Stop lying to yourself
You don't know anything
Not about her anyways
Just about the ghost you see

Short attention span
Do you think she likes it
She has it
There's nothing she can do
She can't stay still for a minute
Explore she just want to explore
Always smiling and on her feet
Running around like a little kid
She has created an illusion
Y'all think she is a happy kid
Trust me you don't know her

Do you think she's normal
She is not she hears voices
They are her friends
Yet everyday they remind her
How much she hates herself
They tell her to it
To kill herself
do you still think you know her

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