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Ricorda ieri Ricorda i vecchi tempi Ricorda quello che dicevamo Ricorda le commedie
                                                  Recuerda ayer Recuerda los viejos tiempos Recuerda lo que solíamos decir Recuerda las jugadas
Remember yesterday Remember the old days Remember what we used to say Remember the plays
I am so good at remembering The pro of remembrance if you will Which doesn’t mean I have a good memory It means I’m bad at letting go And sometimes our strengths are our weaknesses
I don’t want to fade away I don’t want my poems to become a reflection of my worst days I don’t want my obituary to say how I was sad Or give any more attention to my dad I want to be loved
Did you know there is no word in the English language, or any other language as far as I know of, for a memory that you’ve forgotten A forgotten memory is the only way I can describe
Do you Remember what it was like When you were young no spite No lost feelings only wonder and believing  in those around you and their messages meaning Were they Divine or were they a blind slide
Remembering times you were fearless When days didn’t drag on and on When life was lived young and reckless When nights didn’t fear for the dawn   When your eyes gleamed with excitement
2:30AM: I say to you, I cannot bare to continue feeling this unloved, this unworthy of love. You said to me, “remember we are strong” as if it was something I could forget, but I had.
There is a stone sinking to the bottom of a lake. Spinning and twirling around and around to expose two initials. It doesn’t matter if they are mine though I know that they are  
Today won’t you hold him tightTell him he is not aloneTell him he is man enough, he is handsome, he is strong
I remember like yesterday, the year 2002, At three years old, there was so much I never knew. I thought DisneyWorld was on a cloud in the sky,
"REBMEMER." Those are the 8 black letters tatooed on his chest. The eight letters that are actually "REMEMBER" backwards, So that every morning, when he wakes up on base,
It’s hard to remember but sometimes I think of my neighbor’s garage. It was silver and white. He gave me a pair of vintage suitcases that had travelled to Paris. They were blue. I went to the emergency room twice as a kid.
  One hour. Maybe it was less than that, But it was only that one time, It took you to ruin me.   I play through every word I said, Remembering like a movie, I can never unwatch. 
If the streets could scream we would hear them say Our history bleeds and reveals the world at play The little children running in fear With adults yelling in their ears "You were born the wicked race"
squinting, smiling under the bold sunshine running over the prickly pine needles digging my feet into the fragrant earth under a canopy of straight, tall trees who are guarding their wild secrets
I remember your smile, The way it would light up your face. How your laugh would sound, And sing throughout my body. I remember your anger, And how it would scare me. The way you'd get sad
If I could look into your eyes deeply, see your soul Your baby soul. Like remembering my own; you'd know I love you forreal, embraced in a cradle. Admiring soul
Forever, Forever, Forever. What a hopeless endeavor. Forever, Forever, Forever. Please remember me Forever. Forever, Forever, Forever. Don't let me fade away into the lost. Forever, Forever, Forever.
U n t i l  T h e  T i m e By: SeemsPoetic   O n e   l i f e   w e   l i v e...   One life we grow...   And In the end...
The empty space within my head That burning silence I do dread The empty sheet in front of me Left blank without creativity A string of life, a single strand I let it slip through my hands
Dear You, I ask wholeheartedly, If I were to die today, Who might miss me? No, not those in my immediate heart, But what of those who knew my soul?
Dear Future Self,   Do you remember the beat The thumping of feet Up and down the halls In and out of classrooms
Man:Do you remember the old maple tree The one off olive street
Do you remember how we met, the memories fading quickly? Do you recall how our days used to fly so high? Do you happen to know the time we spent with each other? Or have you let the pictures be burned and cast aside?
A tribute to my grandma’s strength, my grandpa’s battle with Alzheimer’s, and their lesson on what love really is.  
Because you are you I can't bring my self  To be mad at you    Everything my heart desires  Went in two  All I was thinking about was me and you    Because I love you 
We carved our future into the starsAnd then sat back and watched them float And boy did they move TwistingLeapingDancing through the night They spoke our lives Only,
The story begins long ago, A new world they called it, Ready for civilization. Like a diamond in the dark, Its heart began to pump the blood Of freedom.   Freedom from And freedom to,
The war was bloody So many lay dead Fighting for freedom Fighting for faith For us to forget. The land of the free In God we trust The home of the brave All men created equal
Your not here anymore Makes me wonder if you did leave A troubled soul that didn't know What he had when he left   We are learning a topic About something you endured
I want to lay down and dissolve away. Make it so there's  no trace of what used to be. Me and him never speak. It's a mess that accumulates in my head. I don't worry, it's just my fallout.
Do you remember the times we spent together sitting in a tree, as happy as could be. Do you remember when I told you it takes a lot to make me cry? Do you remember what the note said?
I remember.  I remember the fears. I remember the confusion. I remember the pain. I especially remember the lonliness. I remember the tears. I remember the depression. I remember the disdain.
This is for you, This is for the universe To remember   To remember what it's like to listen to the crazed baseball games over the radio.
they cannot breathebut they can seethe trees turn greenand the colorof the lake doesn’tmatter. they rememberthe color leaving their face, their body forgetting
Remember to smile. Remember to love I may not know you, or know exactly what you go through But know, God will free his people They can put us in a box Behind the bars that has the locks
a humid haze after a violent stormthe spotted, dying leaf fallen from a maple treethe bitter aftertaste of a sweet treat,the remnants of what was once. one minute, it's so close, you can almost smoke it and the next it's faded, a ghost, you've los
Reading excerpts of his cherished poems, As the ocean breeze fluttered past our noses offering the smell of salty water, He taught me many lessons.  
A soothing thought, I had one day, Under a cloudy sky of gray. I imagined a world of wonder and marvel today. What it was I cannot say.
Surround me with peace Take me away to a new home Remember that I am a person too Remember that I am love Surround me with peace
Biten whole, broken sand and sole, shreds of something they said Love-and-loss: same breath, same bed.  Forget the good and its sunny smile - 'Cause - you-and-me were all I had    
My little love so far above. I do miss your loving kiss.   The night is full of scars without you my little star. You were my rock the key to my lock   I may be a monster
I sometimes close my eyes and set my mind on rewind And suddenly you're there again, setting things on there ridged edges I sit neatly in your lap and try not to shift around too much,
Everywhere I go Everywhere I look All I see is him   He's always on my mind He's always in my heart He's always there He's everywhere   I try hard to be strong
Does he remember The smiles He once brought to my face?   Does he remember The way Our hearts would race?   Does he remember The sparks That once flew so freely?  
I won't forget I love you You're precious to me Your laughter moves me   We ran together Like school kids We laughed   I won't forget I love you You're precious
Growing up, out in the field, in the heat Is where I lived, filled with nothing but peace and love Out in the sights is where, from land to lake, grew the wheat And throughout the sky was filled with our famous doves
Inspired by Billy Collins' poem of the same name   The faces of the ones  once loved are the first  to go, blurring with new faces, or perhaps, new loves blotted on the timeline
A swift, steady, determined shake Sleeping village from slumber wakes The lonely streets caressed by flakes The town turns over, but snoozes on
What is left of the past, When we walk down the streets, The ones we lived upon,  And the seem to be an empty memory. The faded pictures of people we knew, An old recording of me and you.
We have been apart for what seems like years, And the pain of losing you still displays throughout my tears. I have you no more, but hold onto your memory.  At night I look up and know that you are with me. 
When time passes by  who will remeber? Remeber the pain, Rember the smiles and laughs, The friendships fromed and broken. Who will remember the fallen, The ones who fought, Who will rember the broke,
I don't remember Most of the dream. Just that you Were in it. Alive.   I think I met Your parents? Your brothers?   I don't remember Most of the dream.
I dream about his hazel-green eyes. About the way he made me cry. I dream about the way his hand fit perfectly in mne. How I never could understand why. Dreams are created from this dirty blonde boy.
She said she's sorry that she made him ashamed To be vulnerable and open Since she's been living that way It was imparted on she, so to him she did the same She never knew that the girl that she wanted to be
Dreaming There in the dark Memories visit me As clear as if they’re happening All over I’m seven again A flashback to my childhood
Drenched upon the battle fieldUnder silver weapons wieldMisdirection her only shieldThe wildest of roses grew
He created no problems as others did to her   she believed him giving her number, sharing her personal problems, sent pictures of hers   her family, their new car
I am the voice In the back of your mind Telling you to make a mental note Of how your first sip of coffee tastes The morning before your first day at a new job.   I am the friend
I remember my first day of school, backpack and all. I remember moving across the country. I remember seeing a new place and not knowing a soul there. I remember meeting her, we're still friends today.
Weary but ready John Doe is still steady. With his boot propped over its twin Doe just stopped after a win. Wrapped in cloak,
Do you remember me? I remember you. Will you ever return? I do want you to. Do you know how long it's been? Or have you forgotten? I know how long it's been. I have it here written.
Think of all the things you've seen, The far off places, Daring scenes. Think upon the times you smiled; The tingling of Your hearts desire. Look back on your passions, prides, And all the items
The dim light casts shadows across the room, softening the sad features her face held,
One time love You're not When I see you I know you're the best   When we hold hands We share so much Our love is timeless Our loving time   I want to be with you
Amazingly, We think Everything can't be awesome. Sometimes, we Ought to remember Maybe Everything can be...
I came here with the seagulls  I’m a born city-dweller  but the water crashes
The earth slows to a stop And everyone cries
Imagine the time that you used to be able to remember. You have to imagine, because you can no longer grasp that memory. The feeling of something almost there, torments you.
Gone is the color in their eyes. Because of the choice of one person, On the ground, they all fell down   The cries for justice, When these three went, They all die down.  
A long swing hangs low,
It was an ordinary day But ended with tears
I want to be remembered   I am aspirannt , determined and driven. I am a young lady with goals and a dream.
Everyday i wake up walking down long hallways its a place in my head i fly to escape maybe I'm an activist but i cant add this  list of reasons why i cant breathe  my future haunt me my past torture me 
It’s not as if I've never been here before   It's right there in that chair that you realize tears are imminent
I am beautiful Something I'll never change The way I look in the mirror How my eyes catch everyone's attention How I can make everyone laugh When I don't even wanna smile I know all the right words
I remember watching him sleep, his eyes fleeting back and forth under their lids. I remember him drawing long breaths, and his heartbeat wavering in his chest.
All my life I was told to cover Who I am How I speak, act, look I was told to cover my indviduality I was told to follow a set of rules Conform to the world's idea of me But I shine through
When we're pushed down, it is by one who has the same Bruises on their knees. When we're being made a fool,
Bleeding because it paints the pictures so heavily spilled in my mind. And seeing the crimson upon my skin Gives me pain that makes me real.   Crying because It makes me view
Remember that time, When you said you would try to come to my graduation and you were unable to make it and I began to cry a river of tears. The crying, something you have seldom seen.
People look so happy, everywhere I go,ask if I'm ok, I'll say I'm fine, but shouldof said no!Living alone contributes to days being boring and long,adds onto feeling less appreciated and being happy, feel wrong.
Remember when we fell in love?
Remember the good old days? Of laughter and love and spirit Remember when? We weren't afraid of shadows or each other. Those were the good old days. Weren't they?   Remember when
He wants a smarter girl With just enough charm and wit But knows when to keep her mouth shut Someone he can be proud of Someone that hasn’t disappointed Someone he can control with a look
I never knew  how fast time could fly. And as the clock is clicking by, I’m wondering why, It has to be this way.   Whatever happened to the day
I was told that I once walked with the SaviorThrou
  We always remember  tiny bits and pieces of things and get mad or angry when we can't 
I often ask myself, a morbid question I do admit: When my life is done, when my memorial candle is lit, what will be my eulogy, How will they remember me?   I often fear that
we are full of stories to tell memories we store and dreams that we sell soon they fade from view sadly they dry as the morning dew ignorant of a dream's worth or a lesson to which  memory gave birth
I want to dance and cry and scream, In memory of all the things we think are better forgotten. "Forgive and forget", they say. Forgive, by all means forgive, But, please don't forget?
Oh you came to my house with a fire in your eyeI was 18 and you were 25But I couldn't love you even if I triedBecause you don't even know my nameBut I can't cry for her she didn't care
sometimes, I like to walk out side and let my mind become heavy with pictures of this never ending setting. things get a little foggy, when I can't seem to absorb that one day this won't exsit any more.
HOOK: How would you feel if I went away? How would you feel I went today? Would you still love me? Would you remember me?   VERSE: This is a story about Trevor. He was 13 and lived with his mother.
Promise me: Remember me when I’m dust once more Often visit us prisoners of nursing homes Meet me halfway again I can make it through another night Secrets kept in the face of fear Eternal kindness
Today is the day I will be heard Today I will emerge out of this shyness I will let the world know I no longer will stand injustice!   Today is the day I will be heard Today I will say
The laughter in the distant The sparkle in my eye  that day you never saw me and I always wondered why I looked for you all night,  but you never seemed to know
 As I watch the sun come up each dawn; As I watch it set each afternoon;
1) Blast music from my room at 3 am while sharing stories with a friend I've only recently met
  We keep best friends in 5 places   1. Our mothers' costume jewelry boxes we used in elementary school             a) plastic earrings
  Your touch. Your smile. Your voice. The beauty you allowed me to see. Moments of laughter and words of wisdom ; I will always cherish.
 I refuse to call you, acknowledge that you are there,But I can't help but dwell on all the good times that we share. You were my friend, a comrade, my partner in crime,
I forgot but now I remember  Little things when I said never Faded thoughts slipped away and in nothing I lay Scream and shout, I whisper Punch and destroy, I wither Take me home I beg
Remember a time when everything was simple your lunch was made for you  and your homework was minimal    Remember a time  when everyone was friends you enemies didn't exist
Though time has passed, And days are gone, And nothing is left, Your memory lives on. You haunt my dreams; You changed my life; You hide in my thoughts Always present but out of sight.
Ode to Madame MI suppose few people will ever knowThe full extent to which you have shaped me.You taught me grace, to not hide my face, soI owe you the confidence others see.
Back to the days when life had little meaning for us. Forced out of our homes watched our son die and heard our daughter scream as they were being raped. We saw the strange fruit hanging from the trees.
Long at last against the glass- the peaked face of winters' gasps- phantom hunches of frostbit dew, against the urgent morning mass.    With the snow came the tear, the wound in half the center bare-
the rain is falling
I never knew it'd be so hard to say whats in my heart but if we're talkin what  i'd change I know just where to start how bout with the wars that honest men will fight
tonight i cried because i lost controll. tonight as i stood in the shower as i stood naked and alone i cried.  tonight i remembered when i was the girl the boys fallowed around  calling her 
In a room full of people,I look around me.These people are silent,& They cannot see.Their mouths are sown shut,to keep them for talking.About the secrets they hear,
I'm just a figment of your memory Because one day you won't remember me.
(For all of the veterans we have forgotten on the home front.)  
By: Anyssa Q.    -How the sunlight clotted in beaded thins, Beneath a halo of tranquility, and though I dream of better things, Grows older my antiquity.    It's a poison, to forget,
Feelings of sadness.
I am the one you hate and love. Everyone suspects me but no one sees me. I sit in the corner reading my book, I walk down the path smiling,
I left you by the riverbed In a place where none can see I'll never forget what you said as I watched you drift out to sea   We began our journey together tethered by our fates
run from the wind the shore, the sea from the traitors of men and the locks and the keys. sprint from the castles the horses, the knights from the crown on the head and the storm within sight.
I remember Sitting on my mother's lap, laying on her chest, feeling her heart beat breathing at the same tempo. I remember
I remember being showered in the wilderness by hot embers from a blazing fire sent into the air by an exploding can of cream-style corn.   I remember the forest with trees so thick and
Their eyes glare blankly at the bright square shaped box there in the room Together we are, but so far apart
A gentle breeze brings a sense of hope As a young schoolgirl stops and breathes In the scent of trees, water, and wind Which permeate the field on which she marches That field on the grounds of Gettysburg
It's just a cage. This building of words and numbers, Is just a cage. Inside this cage are
with a tragedy like this, the heart can't find peace the days pile on and you try to move on no one can understand why you just have to comply   with a tragedy like this a lot is amiss
Today is yesterdays, tomorrow
Remember when we were young,Remember the faces of friends, of foes,     the faces long gone.Remember what was once known,Remember Spring in the sun,   in the rain, in the light, in the shadows.
If the world was my classroom And a girl was my student I'd tell her she is a leaf, Ever changing Part of different colors and race Ever moving With casual grace The trees may shake
It has come to my understanding
I remember the city I used to call home,
Wake up, it’s a normal day. Go to work, the normal way. Down the street and into a building, up the elevator and down into a chair. Typing words and drinking coffee, I hear a man telling how he got mad at his kids the other day.
Find yourself a simple peace, Calm your raging inner sea. Rain still falls deep in your heart, Let the drops wash away the lingering hurt. Let it all go before the rain turns to flood,
The pain, the hurt, the awful, the words, the things that could come, the things I've so carefully not done. I'd let it all come flooding through, Just to hear you say to me, I love you.
Sometimes we argue, sometimes we fight, we definitely have our fits, but that's alright.   Maybe things aren't always perfect, sometimes we wonder why, occasionally I give up.
I remember  the way our eyes met,  when we first talked.   I remember  the way our lips touched, when we first kissed.   I remember  the way your fingers fit perfectly in mine,
your body, remember not only how much you were loved and caressed not only the beds where you lay peacefully  but also those desires for you  shining clearly in your eyes and trembling in a voice
Smear my lipstick In words that you love me Touch me In poems and phrases you’ve remembered Remember me
Do you remember The earth’s heartbeat? Do you know That flowers aren’t just To look pretty? And that the dirt
You say, “Tell me you remember.”       But that would be a most grievous lie.             So I say nothing. You say, “I don’t understand!”       But you could never be remembered.
Do you remember when we first met?  It’s okay.  I don’t either.
Ashes, Ashes, they all fall to the ground Where is God? Where is He they all cry out! Memories branded, families not found, "God is not with us!" Many of them shout! A sequence of numbers etched in blue,
As we discover how complex our Universe is we  should remember how simple it once was
  We look up and see nothing but sky Blue, Bright, Clear The galaxy beyond is a dream within a dream A world eclipsed in light  As we climb towards the edge of the overwhelming darkness
Remember Remember the good times Remember the bad. Especially the bad. For they are the makers of character.   Remember to be yourself For no one can do it for you And that is beautiful.
How can you do this? What a monster. My dear Miaia, so beautiful, so lively. So perfect. Her dark hair shone. Her eyes sparkled like obsidian. Her skin so soft like satin.
To hear you breathe To kiss your face To see you sleep To walk your pace To be your need To be your amazing grace I'd give anything for one more day
  I knew the Holocaust would never be forgotten, Jews lived nightmares and always proceeded with caution, Legs were amputated, Wounds were made, but even in skin and bones, The Jews kept their faith,
My last recollection of seeing a black butterfly was not long ago. I remember it was on a particular flower. I remember it was on a red flower that had just bud after sun rise.
Scattered in the street they lay like discarded leaves on a spring night. Bodies stacked high reaching for the heavens above, hoping God can hear their silent cries. They are alone now,
I kiss the lips of tragedy Sin is my close companion I lie and wait for lying things That lie down and seduce me   What power do my actions hold? Or more the power of my inactions?  
For the rainy days, Which made her flowers bloom. For the hugs she gave me, When I needed them most. For the years spent suffering, Before she passed away. For being the strongest woman,
  I looked death in the face once. He tried to pretend to be my Abuelita, but I wasn’t fooled. Death had taken hold of this woman who wasn’t afraid to fight for her freedom and turned her
No one remembers the pain, No one remembers the tears. But I remember the screaming, I remember the fights. No one remembers you running,
The ring glistened in the light above/ telling all just how to love/ once just meant for show and fashion/now presents this love and passion//  The woman owning this precious ring/ was quite big into helping/ a caring heart for all she sees/ an op
The king of ‘em all. I’m a hit ya with a tribute To Biggie Smalls like Tylenol. Straight from Crooklyn Better known as Brooklyn. That’s where I got my beats took in You’re dry and I’m fly
They lived in darkness Cut off from the world They were ripped away from their homes Locked away and never allowed to leave   Little boys and little girls cried As families were torn apart
There is no love you can't say happiness is inevitable move on everyone is watching don't think life should have mistakes and remember that  love there are more important things
Waves crashing along the shore, All I see is more and more. They keep on moving until dawn, Flowing channels move on and on. Seeing willful water pull the soft sand, Taking it away hand in hand.  
  The flame’s gone out. The room’s gone dark. I miss that smile. But the light in your eyes has gone. There’s no smile in your soul. There’s not a spirit in your body.
I miss you, I want you, I need you, I love you. 4 different things, All said to keep me around, None will work, Not anymore.
A pile of good and bad things That's what life really is And the history of ancient kings Is forgotten after the quiz. So why should I be the one remembered? The one you don't forget.
Dreams our sincerest kept secrets Our heart desires that burn like raging fires. Things that we can't or won't say aloud
Remember how we forgot? How we never actually played by the rules we were taught
I write to be Ambitious I write because I'm Notorious and When I'm feeling Glorious I write to Educate and To Lead with my Intelligence I write because I'm Caring I write to get through Anxiety
Is this wrong Or is it right This word love It evokes a thunder within my heart A freezing rush of painful memories Gliding gently across the lens of sight Some where it happened in these memories
Remember that day he left you When he left you and he flew He said we will be together forever That nothing can come between you ever
Her disco ball shoes sparkle and glow like the dance floor on prom night, Innocent until further notice. She dances careless with dark brown ringlets bouncing across the nape of her neck,
Her disco ball shoes sparkle and glow like the dance floor on prom night, Innocent until further notice. She dances careless with dark brown ringlets bouncing across the nape of her neck,
Remember When things weren't so complicated When words weren't hidden meanings And we were raw human beings? When "I love you" meant I love you and "I do" meant "I do"
Sometimes it’s like I can still feel her little fingers Pushing their way through the monkey bars of her cage, Still feel the gashes she made trying to claw her way out.
Jumping into the leaves with you, Brings me back to times of glory, Back when I ruled a kingdom of slides and swing sets, Back when I crossed continents in a single hour,
Do you remember Remember me I remember you Every moment Every conversation Every smile Every dream Every love Every laugh Every little Everything I remember
Pictures are memories Not to erase Pictures are memories Not disgrace Look them often Whether good or bad Because pictures of memories Might be all you have
Pictures are memories Not to erase Pictures are memories Not disgrace Look them often Whether good or bad Because pictures of memories Might be all you have
Overrated and complicated It’s never what is seems Never on the same page I gave him everything
I always tend to bite off more than I can chew Struggling to swallow and stick it through The meal is always pleasing to the eye But never quite leaves me satisfied
Smile for me, my love Till your last breath fades away Please watch over me
it was the touch of your skin on mine the way your lips moved like they knew me as if they could have touched my darkest secret
We do not know yet what you will hold Until you have come folded into the pages of time written in fragments
I remember the stars in the night  they carried my hopes and dreams I remember the stars from years ago I remember the stars of tonight   But even more, the stars remember me.
I am invisible. Undeniably unrealistic. A ghost to the touch. The last thought, a remnant. Forgotten. Please, feel free. Remember me?
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