People look so happy, everywhere I go,
ask if I'm ok, I'll say I'm fine, but shouldof said no!
Living alone contributes to days being boring and long,
adds onto feeling less appreciated and being happy, feel wrong.
I know I'm not alone, but why can't I see change,
I feel so messed up, with my emotions deranged.
It's crazy how I live now,
expecting everything to be temporary, and sad,
I wanna feel happy, but its been so long since I had,
that I feel more disappointed and mad,
weird when I stay at school, instead of home, I'm glad.
It feels like I'm with everyone but still without,
I've tried to change something, but my lucks lucked out.
People say to think positive, I just can't do that,
to be positive when not, is trying to forget all of, your other, crap.
If u try to ignore everything that u hold that's hurt you,
all the problems will come back, even though it felt like your regrets had already desert you.
I remember everything, and keep all of my past events with me,
wherever I go,
all of my crap past in the garbage I wish I could throw!
Or if my past was tall grass, then with a lawn mower, I'd mow!
Get ride of, bagged up to go,
no more talking about my regrets, this isn't a past conventional show!


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