Always Remembering You

 As I watch the sun come up each dawn;

As I watch it set each afternoon;

When I hear each morn the robin's song;

When my room is lighted by the moon;



When I count the glittering stars at night;

When I watch the ships set out to sea;

When flowers bloom so lovely and bright;

As the breeze's whispers blow on me;



As the ocean's waves lap the shore;

And splash my feet with water and sand;

As I hear its song and mighty roar;

And I collect sea shells in my hands;



When winter dusts the trees with snow,

And covers nature in a blanket of white;

As I watch the seasons come and go;

And the geese begin their southward flight.



When the robin returns to nest in my tree,

When the fields have been dotted with orange flowers;

As I lay on my back watching clouds roam free;

As I relive yesterdays in the quiet evening hours;



As raindrops splash on my window pane;

As I watch them falling one by one;

When I see the rainbow above the plains,

After the storm is passed and done;



When spring arrives with life anew,

And scatters butterflies everywhere;

When autumn returns with skies so blue;

And I watch the leaves fall, leaving branches bare;



When the trees bud, and in the song of the lark;

In the songs that are played on the piano too,

I'll ever be thinking of you in my heart;

Yes, I'll always be remembering you.


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