How can you do this?

What a monster.

My dear Miaia, so beautiful, so lively.

So perfect.

Her dark hair shone.

Her eyes sparkled like obsidian.

Her skin so soft like satin.

Gone, taken away ripped out of her life.


All because her life hood.

For her being a Jew.


How can you do this?

Sent her away.

To a place where they die.

Become an animal.

Have their pride, humanity, life just stripped away.

Where they become ash.

Clouding the sky, covering God’s view of what is happening down below.

Where they are bond, shackled by a number.


How can you do this?

My poor Miaia.

Betrayed her, after all those years of friendship and an engagement.

For what?Silent pride?A missed bullet?

He’s a monster, he should’ve protected her.

I hate him.

Deeply in my heart.

But every day I look in the mirror,

And I see the monster look back at me.


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