a rememberance

He created

no problems

as others did

to her


she believed him

giving her number,

sharing her personal problems,

sent pictures of hers


her family, their new car

she in a traditional dress coloured in red

she dancing then winning, at the falls

her childhood, at the beach


lately at the college in a red top again

and a blue jean with no shawl on

and to a wedding recently

(a time when they were in talking terms)


She revealed her word of pass

Of a social site and a mailing service

Asking him to delete those junks

And he did too


They talked, talked

So much, much more,

More than ordinary friends do

Late at night on all fears


On eavesdrop will make people shock

 She would ask him to tell about herself

He would say and she would say

No one understood her better than him


Some nights they would message

She would say she was reading

On asking what she would say

It’s not what’s to be read and not to be said


On her bed she would read

He asks now

Did she say all these on lack of trusts?

Or what was to be then?


Then a time came

When she cried

Through the phone

Saying she had no one to share


How she like him

But now he is the one

In sadness

Thinking sad


Sad all days and nights

Thinking, thinking, thinking

All about her

And is sad now


He is sad now

That she considers him to be a stranger

He asks what he did to her to be so?

 Why can’t she speak out? Why is she silent?


He was heart broken

He was addicted,

Addicted to her

Every second he thought of her


Now he has nothing

But her photos to see

Four pages to read

Which was a gift


A gift, for his birthday

A first ever one outside

From his own kith and kin

He was grateful


She used to spend her money

For him on adding up his balance

And he did it back as a payback

Now only she comes, comes in his dreams


He asks

What he did?

Was he stony as Stone?

Asks he


Everyday his phone

Sings the songs

She asked him

To hear on to


Which included

Tamil songs, a new young star

An old hero, a rock band

An swift female artist


On phones they sang

Sang on numerous songs

Together they did

One Hindi song from the city’s capital


And basics of their traditional classics

Sa ri ga ma pa da ni sa,

sa  ni da pa ma ga ri Sa.

And it’s others forms, a look back over the basics


And a song of their State

She would sometimes ask lyrics

For some songs and

He would type and send it to her


But now only songs of sadness

Along with the songs she liked

Plays on his mind

Again and again


He asks her to tell out

His fault he had done to her

And to forgive him for it

And says that how happy he would be if she does so


And he never thought

She would fight with him

He is waiting for her to change

He hopes she will


She once said

She wanted to hold his hand

And walk for a long distance watching no watch

And that she wanted to see his Mother some day


And she would give him advices

Like not to eat yogurt at night

And she would send a list

A list before she went to her hostel


A list of things which she had to take away from home

A list of almost sixty six items and maybe more

And once she saw him near a hall and she asked

Him why was he there for?


He answered he was there to see her

She was searching for something

He asked what she was searching for?

She said she was searching for a rope to hang herself


And he says that may have been amazed,

Amazed on their strange relationship

They ask why she is playful to him?

He tells them he was happy


Though it hurt him inside

And he concluded saying

His praise for her cannot be stopped

It will go on and on


Until his death comes haunting

He says he cut many things

And said that she has inspired him a lot

And there would be no one like them


Even great monuments get faded due to man and nature

Their story would make a great film and a book of epic

They may be as the pairs of love the whole wide world speaks of

But they think they may be unknown, but only to themselves


But they were totally different, not to be as lovers

since they promised each other not to fall into it

so a new word is to be invented

To describe them who were made for each other


Silence! Began it all

Silence! From The Beautiful Auditorium

During the time of exam

Being held in Silence!


They met from there

Then on to a virtual median

Over a social network

Then on messages


A shake in hand in the middle too

Much a war in between too

He misses her

Very badly







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