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A queen does not bow to ignorance Nor belligerence Nor any man who dares to spare her life in her house This here is a woman's world   A queen has no need for pearls Loves the way her body swirls
There are moments when I feel the injustice to my gender more prominently    When I am told in my job orientation that my attire is restricted for the men’s comfortability   
I used to believe that this world was fair  That equality was everywhere, didn’t know it was rare  I was naive to believe that people are good 
girl to woman, where does it begin? how can we know which phase we are in?   in a woman, wisdom, in a girl, curiosity. but in both, strength is a shared quality.   i find in myself in each new moment, 
To recognize the beauty of the crone and regard the hag as goddess- seems ludicrous revolutionary at the least - a wild leaping from current trends, so-called sensibilities.
When I was around sixteen, I became hyper aware of how the boys my age categorized the girls around them.The ones they found attractive were worthy of attention, the others... not so much.
“You owe it to me” He says, with a genuine tone “Come with me girl Keep me company Don’t you leave me all alone”   “No”
No more swooshes on black bands a powerful woman, once forgotten she is feared by men of all lands Srong, glowing, winner fast, competitive, sinner VICTORY emblazoned on her back
poemdon't try to hold me down, i never asked for thatbiology meets ontology and now i'm seeing something sinister in that luminous, magnetic gleam in those eyes.
Disclaimer: Before reading this piece, I want you to know these are not my own values and beliefs but the beliefs of men who indulge in toxic masculinity and stupidity on a daily basis. Thank you for your time.  •
At the age of twelve, after the ceremonial blood bath, my mother sat me down and told me that I would have to be a women. A women. There was rules to the name. To be a women you must grow your hair. 
I am of a white sun against a blue sky, and a blue star against a white expanse. My body is a legacy that spans centuries, continents, cultures, and creeds, sustained by lo mein and latkes alike.
We humans, we stand united. We humans, we stand so strong. But some rights we are denied and We're told we do not belong.  
Sleep around player. Don’t be a pussy. Grab her by the pussy.   My legs are shut, Crossed, And locked with my chastity belt.
Pinch my windpipe shut.   If air doesn't go in, sound doesn't come out. 
If the illusion that I, born with the same number of vertebrae as you were, have somehow grown up to shrink down,half of what is your ribcage being my entire endoskeleton; that men grow up raw and sweet, like the water from the youngest streams, m
Girls are meant to be the assistant in a magic show Better seen not heard We should appear and disappear like the bunny out of your hat or the dove from your cloak. We have to change into whatever you want...
The powerful women leap with joy over  the painted and indelible story they killed quietly with the eve of everything true. In unconventional status, they talk of a paradise for triumph,
She is the calm before the stormThe lightning bolt that strikesTake her as she isShe is a womanof might 
Do I need feminism? Well personally no. Let me tell you why... I don't need feminism because I have choices. I can go to college and  major in any field I want. From Education to Engineering. 
Once, long ago, (think back, if you will) Stood a beautiful palace on top of a hill; And under that palace, a kingdom that’s not
once upon a time  our lives were intertwined the right way the love we had so sticky sweet rich like batido de mamay* flower garlands  lockets  locked hands
What if Aurora didn't want to be in love,what if she fell "asleep" to avoid,the pain of the pressure from her surperiors above
My mother got me pepper spray for Christmas and at the time I scoffed. She told me she just wants me to be safe and I asked what from; she just gave me THAT LOOK. Every time I go running I strap it to my arm.
Snow White’s tale is heard far and wide, But it is more than what meets the eye. Fairytales are embellished stories of old; Thus, snow white’s true story needs to unfold   A gullible damsel in distress
People say "A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle." Who says a princess needs a prince to save her? Just know you don't need a man to get through life
so it happens again in the dark when the hands are Touching, Grabbing, Choosing, me 
America the Great. America that is mixed like a blender but judges based on race  and a someone's gender.    America the Great. Why do you hate me? Is it the color of my face?
I, too, hear America singing I am appalled by the dissonance piercing my ears I am abandoned by this country I call home I don’t want to hear their justifications or accusations
I am blinded by light Flashing, flashing, flashing The images blur together Aggressively telling me Buy MAC Buy COACH Call 1-800-GET-THIN Blinking Flashing Blinking Flashing
A great nation would help our brothers and sisters they need us more than we can imagine but instead of allowing our global citizens into our hearts and our homes we push them further away
One day I will make you proud I will make all your dreams come true I will channel back into the younger me Who wasn't afraid of anyone or anything Even though I am still fearless I fear some things
I am a feminist and no I don’t hate men, infect if you knew me in high school i did quite the opposite. I am a feminist because even though I know the statistics about eating disorders,
They Steal Black children from their mothers’ hearts They Changed the meaning of a gun They Made it a crime to wear a hoodie while being Black They Use a hashtag to justify murder
Yes. I am a girl,  and no, that doesn't make me weak. I'm a girl,  and no, that doesn't make me meek. Just because I'm shorter and smaller doesn't mean you can holler at me, and cat call as I walk by, 
Could you hear me if I shout, Or have you forgotten my words? I taught them to you when we loved in separate worlds, They weren't words at all, but our own special language
She flies too high, sings the cages bird Her wings are too wide There is no fear in her eyes She flies too high, sings the cages bird Her wings are too wide There is no fear in her eyes
With grace, You demolish preconceived notions of what a woman is or can be.
It is boys like you who consciously Brainwash girls And preach how “natural” is better And overly sexualize her body as if they weren’t a breathing human
My Identity   The one thing I can’t live without is my identity. It tells me who I am and where I go.
Show me the part In your scripture Where it reads "The female shan't carry hair in her pits."   Show me the picture Of hairless legs And straightened locks And bared nether regions
I need feminism because our oppression isn’t real because at least we can vote because the wage gap or lack of control over our own goddam bodies cannot be oppression
I could say I'm five foot one,
Mama didn't raise no porcelain doll No fake eyelashes, no lace Just a girl who is going to take it all   Mama didn't raise no pageant queen  No southern accent, no big hair
As I grew up I always knew The subtle power of having two Differing chromosomes that is
I am an activist An advocate for those who don't have as good of a life as I do I acknowledge my privelege I am white, I am not oppressed   I am a feminist Intersectionalism is most important
I sigh breaths of fire And spark static from my core I leave ashes where I stand And singe this very floor   I swallow knives and blades And let them ravage from within
Women are a lesser cut of meat, cut and chopped on a slab for a man’s pleasure. Women are a distraction, and a skirt above the knee keeps a man from his work. Women are crazy,
Oh, I've got no problem eating alone. Make no mistake-- I can eat what I want when I want it. I can think how I look like I go where I want. I can see whom I please, Say what I mean,
How can I focus How can I think of anything When all I want to do is think of you you you the feel of you in a t-shirt pressed against my chest Holding me close
A man he lay in a pool of blood his dreams and goals all shattered just because of his color, skin color his life was taken by six shots.   His family mourned for days and months
  Excuse me? What did you just call me? It wasn’t Miss,  Ms., Mrs., Ma’m, or Lady. It wasn’t my name. What was your reference? Oh yeah, narcissistic bitch.   Why? Actually, don’t answer,
Brown eyes Round face African American Feminist That’s who I am
Tell me where these flaws derive from? Itching from the grass under our feet; to the hands we so dearly want to hold. Is there a text book, a guide of some meticulous sorts. Iv never found a universal perfection. We spit that word out.
Answer me this; Why do those with voices remain mute? Tell me why fundamental theorems in math are decorated with Cauchy, Leibniz, Euler, Fermat….I could go on…but none have a touch of femininity.
I look int
Hairy Armpits “Just wax, or shave, or pluck that hair.” Don’t you see I really don’t care?   “Oh my god that’s so gross, ew!” They don’t bother me, why does it bother you?
They don't really know who I am, They only see what I choose to show them, You guys don't know I'm secretly a fem, I do the dirty for that green, But men are just so mean, I am now a lesbian.
Why do old women wear musky perfume?  They are not mothballs yet
You won’t like the world of control we live in, Unless you hold it in your paternal palm.   Born new and pink and wrinkled and crying, Knowing that this world wasn’t meant for me.
I am a piece  of meat. One that men stare hungerly ready to devor with hunger. I am a piece of meat 
Big booties I guarantee these girls have cooties Their luxurious life Causes me strife   Kardashian is their name Media scandals are a part of their game
What society tells black women is a catastrophe, that we must dress half naked to be considered worthy, the diction that is used intertwines like a rapid growing grape vine around our mind, exploiting our inner thought
I’d forgotten how to breathe without you, my lung crutchMy shiny exotic lung crutchMany gazed upon us greenly,and you fit so well
How do you say freedom in a language you can understand?Freedom from a bondage foreign to my warrior heartWe are a goddess forged by hips that would break you
Why is there so much hate in this world? Everywhere I lend an ear I hear insults about a HUMAN...being  just that. HUMAN Being: too straight, too gay, so black, so white
What is a woman? She is a Warrior spirit. Dauntless and resolute. She is
Hispanic women always say I should learn how to cook, because men like that. Not just Hispanic men, but all men.   Big men with swollen arms and clouded heads that like to take it slow.  
I'm a victim to the violence that has been brought upon me by men And all I ask is what happened to all of the gentlemen
Because men would rather gain respect from men than from women It has become apparent that the fight for better treatment in relationships is futile
I was told that without the mane I carriedI wasn’t a lion anymoreJust a sheep.
You ask what I want in this world? More than anything else? Well it is what most women would want also, I want there to be a higher likelihood that we die of disease than by the hands of a man,
  Her stride so poised She floats with every step she makes in her nude Pigalle heel Demeanor, so regal it demands respect
I was born a girl and that's how I'll live
Theres more to a woman than her shape Theres more to a woman then her sex appeal Theres more to a woman than her body Theres more to a woman Her smile, as bright as the sun could shine
I am a woman. Catcalls are not a compliment. Not in a world that blames vulnerability instead of those who take advantage of it. I am intelligent. But it doesn’t matter because my body is worth more than my mind
He knocks me onto the floor Tear drops and lightning break out I cry out and run to the door He kicks me and with a shout
I am a woman.  That means, I can do whatever I please with my body.  Decorate it.  Show off as much skin as I want.  Do whomever I please. 
Starting a new chapter every morning  of my life   I seek improvement, reverence and connectivity    MY LIFE!      I walk on thin ice made of doubt...
I weep for every woman that is beaten for not having dinner ready for her husband when he comes home. I weep for every girl that is sold into sex trade, Forced to give their bodies away.
Rebel girl, you are the queen of my world. Twirl it round and round. We aren't falling down.   Rebel girl, stand tall. No need to scream and shout, no need to ever pout.
I am a real piece of work And that much about me will never change I’ll change the world with words The same way you changed me You made me a worrier Excuse me
Are you a man? No one cares. You are just a man. Are you joining the military? No one cares. You are just a man. Are you depressed? No one cares. You are just a man. Were you laid off?
How was I to know? I never learned what would happen. I was told that if I did not do it, I would not need to know the rest. How could I have suspected, that there was poison in my drink
  Her voice becomes unclear. Are these expressions of pleasure Or pain? She winces and looks for something to hold on to, Something to brace the defilement between her thighs, The gaping wet wound,
I hate it When people look at me And only see Things they hope And dream just for me.
I have a gender. I was born a woman therefore I have fear. I have fear. I am taught at a young age to fear the monsters that come out at night.
At a young age, maybe seven, I had a connection with the main character of a children's cartoon show, Dexter's Laboratory; both he and I enjoyed the thrill of invention.
when we say No most others consider it an Invite when we push Away they all thing we are Pulling when we Refuse they ignore our Words when we voice our Rights they call us Names
Look at me Tell me what you see I am woman hear me roar because no longer do i squeak I used to hide, I used to be beat But now I am woman so hear me roar You think I was always free?
To be a woman in some ways more masculine than man To be a tree whose efforts bear no flowers nor fruit To be uninteresting, unattractive, and unloved To be showered with compliments and praise, and,
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