Do I need feminism?

Do I need feminism? Well personally no. Let me tell you why...

I don't need feminism because I have choices. 
I can go to college and  major in any field I want. From Education to Engineering. 

I can have a career and be a mother or put it on hold long enough for my child to start school

I don't need feminism because It's my body

For cares if I shave my armpits and legs. I do it for me.

You can not shave if you want,I'm not stopping you 

I don't need feminism because my paycheck is mine. 

So what John make more than me,He's been here longer than me

Maybe in a few years I'll make just as much as him

I don't need feminism because It's just a game

So yeah it's mostly guys who are into video games

Sorry I'm not into 50 Shades of abuse. 

I don't need feminism because it takes just one lie.

Just one lie to ruin a man's life

One lie to and my kids father will never see them and they will hate him

One lie and a man I put away for a rape he didn't commit

You see the problem? 
Women hold more power than you think. 

You live in a world where you listen to what others have to say

To what they think is right for a woman

But the moment a man steps in and say," Girls can do XYZ but they don't"

You're quick to scream "Misogynystic PIG"

They're right..Women can go into STEM field, yet some choose not to

Women can do whatever the hell they want, yet they choose not to.

I am female. But do you know the definition of that word you scream.

Feminism: social, political,and economic equallity of the sexes.

So no...I don't need feminism.

I have a voice, but another girl, in another country does not


This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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