That fateful night

Tue, 08/27/2013 - 21:02 -- mskeels

How was I to know?

I never learned what would happen.

I was told that if I did not do it,

I would not need to know the rest.

How could I have suspected, that there was poison in my drink

when I was never warned about it.

I thought boys had the right to me

I had never been told otherwise, so when he touched me I did not even blink.

Oh and it felt good, but I really do not remember.

My head was fuzzy and the next thing I know, I am naked on the bed.

You and your friends stood around me, and I knew that this was wrong.

But I blacked out again, I really do not remember.

When I could I called my mom, 

to tell her what happened

but instead of helping my mom disowned me, and called me a slut.

It was one time, I swear it.

God do you hate me too?

The police just asked what I was wearing

they thought I asked for it.

I see the boys every day, and they spread rumors that I begged.

Girls called me whore, and slut, and bitch.

Guys called me easy, saying I would put out for anyone.

But I was traumatized, and hate that no one believes me.

Did I deserve it? What did I do?

I was dancing and having fun

I do not even know you.

Why do you hate me, I had no choice

I do not even remember, and for that I am not credible, and I lost my voice.

You taught me it was my fault, that I brought it on myself.

You said that the others weren't at fault, because I could not defend myself.

You never showed me how to say no

you never showed us the dangers.

How many other girls will pay for a huge mistake you made?


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