A great nation would help our brothers and sisters

they need us more than we can imagine

but instead of allowing our global citizens into our hearts and our homes

we push them further away

banning them from planes and trains,

as we mock their misfortunes and

their desperate pleas for a new beginning

A great nation would praise those who made it

this country, rather, this world

is the sum of the brave women who bore it

instead of building them up, we push a transparent ceiling further down

as we call them 'nasty' 'bitchy' 'bossy' 

we criticize the rights of the very parts we all came from,

neglecting to see not all women want their wombs shared

by those who will never understand the underrated struggles 

a woman faces everyday

A great nation would want everyone to feel safe

if  'all men are created equal' 

why don't women feel comfortable walking alone,

afraid of those entitled enough to grab her by the pussy

why are Americans in headdresses

afraid to worship their God in peace

why can't my friend love her girlfriend at a coffee shop

without fear of being shunned 

for loving who she wants to love

A great nation would build each other up

but all we seem to be doing is tearing others down

America does need to be great again

but that does not start by taking away our rights

banning our Muslim brothers and sisters

threatening wars to those we consider enemies

letting men decide how my uterus gets treated

building walls to show our hatred to our neighbors

what does make America great

is love


and understanding

so let's make America great again.


This poem is about: 
Our world


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