Look At Me


United States
38° 53' 22.3908" N, 94° 31' 53.4108" W

I hate it
When people look at me
And only see
Things they hope
And dream just for me.

In passing,
At work, on the street,
Everyone I greet
Inertly, make an assumption
One that's rather cheap

She'll fall in love
Madly, truly, deeply
Within the next year, hopefully,
Get married on a whim,
Then the next year, she'll have a baby

College is a fine idea,
To become a teacher, perhaps,
Teaching numbers, letters, charts and maps
A very motherly role for a motherly girl,

Of course, what about the baby?
Not to mention a home to keep,
The cost of living is rather cheap,
Husband will work,
Mum will stay home and put baby to sleep.

Oblivious to one thing
It is very important
But their thinking is impotent
They are always thinking
About my "inevitable personal growth stint".

I have dreams
A man is not an important one,
Neither is a home to be spun,
Children are far from my sight
I have only just begun.

My nature is not my future
It is only common sense,
Be kind, treat others well, don't be dense
To how others think and feel
Yet, "that's because you're a girl", only makes sense.

Look at me now
Put all stereotypes in a box
All those little idiosyncrasies everyone mocks,
And throw them away,
Let's have our little talks.

Now look at me,
Straight in the eye, please,
I'll say it with ease,
"I have more dreams than just one..."
Just, take a look at me, please.



So true... everyone thinks they know who I am, and with expectations as to every action I take. No one knows the real me because they are too busy being blinded by stereotypes. Such a good poem! ^

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