Feminist movement (hear me roar)

Look at me
Tell me what you see
I am woman hear me roar
because no longer do i squeak
I used to hide, I used to be beat
But now I am woman so hear me roar
You think I was always free?
Well your wrong, you see
For years and years we lived in fear
No right to vote and sometimes no right to speak
And as women we were beat
by our husbands and by society
we were beat by sorry we can't help you and
just turn the other cheek
We were beat
But then we came forward and we spoke
and we were beat some more but we kept speaking
we started shouting
and now, now we roar
Now we still fight
but now we have better rights
We are women
our movement was us
It was suffrage, and freedom
We were no longer prisoners to our husbands
We were free
Through blood sweat and tears
we broke through metaphorical bonds and we were freed
So I stand before you as a woman
A woman who has been put down for centuries
Who once we started talking inspired women in other countries
We stood as a nation, and inspired many other nations as well
It wasn't power to women it was power to the people
because we ALL deserved to be equal
And this is where I stand
as woman
Hear me roar.


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