What It Means To Be a Queen If You Didn't Already Know

A queen does not bow to ignorance

Nor belligerence

Nor any man who dares to spare her life in her house

This here is a woman's world


A queen has no need for pearls

Loves the way her body swirls

Catching the sun as it beams thru her teeth 

To apologize, never should she


A queen knows when to bare her fangs

If ever they question, remember your name

Stare into their eyes and speak your truth 

Remember whos womb from which you came thru


A queen must teach the respect she deserves

Must never assume what another has learned

Must never assume there's room for two 

Must never assume his love for you


A queen knows when to put herself first

Knows how to grow and give back to the Earth

Does not ignore her pain or her hurt

Stands up for her rights to give not or give birth


If you are unsure of the queen you are

Look into the mirror, because she is not far

Fitting a crown can be difficult and hard

Set off on this journey, we all had to start


This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world
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