Lament of a Feminist

As I grew up

I always knew

The subtle power of having two

Differing chromosomes that is

As I grew up

Observation revealed

Female worth lies in sex appeal

Not her brain

As I grew up

I saw my friends

Thought beauty more important than common sense

It was contagious

The men cheer for us to take it off,

Then call us sluts when we do what they want

Work just as hard as all the men,

But for his dollar, earn 78 cents

Comment on our bodies as we walk down the road

Thinking sex with us is something they're owed

A girl is raped

She's called a whore

Cause she was drunk at the club instead of at home doing chores

And that's our place in this society

Expected to be subservient to a man

Birth him babies with our bodies

While pleasing him with sex whenever we can

And don't you dare point out the injustice

Keep your mouth shut for this is where you belong

For if you dare to mention the inequality

You're a hairy legged dyke feminazi  

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


zebra black

This poem moves me

ita about a derelect cultire ...disfunction....youth ...absence of manners...saving face...ego trips

guilt...shame ....controll...fear .....and not much about sex at all

It makes me sad....

To be a feminist in my mind is not about objectification

or to look exciting ..its about finding others who are worth your time

your love your energy your kindness...your sexy erotic self

to be a feminist is not to be a victim be strong ...and do what the hell you want and need to do

To have self esteem and if you are mistreated make MF pay

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