My lungs are made

Of fire.

My heart is made,

Of ice.


My words combine

To make steam.

They will burn you

With no hesitation.


I sit on a throne

Made of thorns,

With the occasional flower

Poking through.


I walk on a path

Made of hate.

I did not make it so,

I simply stomp it down.


Give me a pen,

I will use it as a sword.

My words can destroy

And demolish kingdoms.


I am powerful and strong,

But also loving and kind.

I am



So do not reduce me

To simply “pretty”

Or “sexy”

Or “hot”.


I will use

My fire and steam

To melt and burn

Your words.


I am not

Your decoration

Or your eye candy

Or your “sweetheart”.


I am your ruler,

And I rule

With a fist

Of flames.


I cannot be subdued,

Objectified, or

Reduced to anything

Less than what I am.


I am

A woman,

And every woman

Is me.



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