Hairy Armpits


Hairy Armpits

“Just wax, or shave, or pluck that hair.”

Don’t you see I really don’t care?


“Oh my god that’s so gross, ew!”

They don’t bother me, why does it bother you?


“I bought you a razor, what do you say?”

It’s not coming off; I’ve been growin’ since May.


“Shave it off, please, for me?”

I don’t have to listen to your plea.


Hair grows for a reason, its nature, my connection to Earth.

So why should these hairs define my self-worth?


It’s part of me, just who I am.

People don’t accept it; they think it’s a flaw.

They sit there and gape until I smack up their lower jaw.

I will never conform or abide by society’s “law”.


What really counts is the inside,

My motivation, creativity and pride.

And that’s not something I’m willing to hide,

No matter how many hairs are on each side.




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