R E A L Men Declaration

Disclaimer: Before reading this piece, I want you to know

these are not my own values and beliefs but the beliefs of men

who indulge in toxic masculinity and stupidity on a daily basis.

Thank you for your time. 

I am a REAL man because I tell other

men and women what to be. 

Having feelings is gay.

Showing love is gay. 

And if you’re gay fuck you too

cause you obviously wanna fuck me

even though you’re at an arm’s distance, 

have a boyfriend, and even said out loud 

that you didn’t want me. 


You can’t be a real man..

even though I’m uneducated, 

close minded, and discriminate against 

my own kind for being something I could 

never be.

I could never be confident.

I could never be open with my true self. 

I could never move past this old fashioned 

mindset that keeps me locked down and

too complacent with my self. 


And if you’re a female stay in your place. 

I’m the man of everything so sit down and

take care of my child like a real woman 

is supposed to do. 

I bring in the bread anyways but I just 

contradicted my whole argument cause I’m

the one that said you couldn’t have a job in the first place.


I am what all men should be. 

This poem is about: 
Our world


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