Ode to the Vengeful

Sun, 08/27/2017 - 18:03 -- Haque

once upon a time

 our lives were intertwined the right way

the love we had so sticky sweet

rich like batido de mamay*

flower garlands 


locked hands

the word sister felt so nice to say


he was mine and that was fine 

with you until that one day

how I remember 


how could I forget

the red paper you rolled the cigarette in

"for your health, my love" you smiled

me taking it thinking you had my baby in


you this was never a blood relation

so I know you felt nothing when my blood was spilled 



you didn't stop there

you made sure everyone in the household knew

"Look here!"

"She's lost her child!"

"She's deliberately had her baby killed!"




yet you said nothing when they had me jailed


it's been a year

and there's no longer fear

of what is to become of me

the laws are different 

my old gown still fits 

and I'll be out with my dignity in a year or three

my old item

I hear you find him

suitable and you've remarried

I've heard your daughter has the fairest skin

and hair a smooth deep ebony

fairest fairest 

do you dare test 

my love as though it's unshakeable

I found your mirror

and it's made it clear that

there's things that I really should have known 

my baby

you took her

and I'll do the same

know that every night you tuck her into bed

and just like my daughter

your child will die 

at the hands of her aunt feeding her something red



*batido de mamay is a milkshake made with the mamay fruit


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