It’s a scary time for Women..

I used to believe that this world was fair 

That equality was everywhere, didn’t know it was rare 

I was naive to believe that people are good 

I was living a fantasy, clearly misunderstood 

You see I saw a person for what they seemed 

Now I know why Martin Luther King dreamed 

Because you have to make things happen on your own 

Can’t change the world by sitting behind your phone 

Actions and Movements, Marches and Rallies 

We’re burning bridges, crossing political valleys 

And you may think that we’re only women 

But my words will move mountains, my sword is my pen 

You see I used to give in to the sexist remarks 

Ignored the news stories of girls raped in parks 

Turned a blind eye to the man who stole my childhood 

Didn’t know to say something, didn’t think that I could 

Kept quiet the first time a man grabbed my ass 

Didn’t want to make a scene, so I just let it pass 

And all the times that I’ve been called prude 

Because I refused to send pics of myself nude 

Or the night at that bar when “he” bought me food 

And expected that to just put me in the “mood”

Oh you bought me dinner so I guess that I owe you 

Just supposed to give in, say thank you, and blow you

I’m tired of living in a world where I’m not enough 

And everyone thinks that boys have it rough 

Where being a feminist has a bad connotation 

Yet men have the upper hand across the nation 

Where the president claims it’s a scary time for boys 

Yet women are treated like play things and toys 

Where a naked woman’s picture hangs on a fraternity wall 

Of a girl who got too drunk at last nights bar crawl 

And every friend that I know has a story of abuse 

So I will not give up, this fight I will not refuse 

And most of these guys dream of a trophy wife 

Coming home to dinner, a perfect fantasy life 

But I’ve always been one to stand my ground 

No longer the girl who will not make a sound 

Tired of hiding my feminism in my purse 

Like being a woman is some kind of curse 

I am just as capable as any man 

Even with fake nails and a perfect tan...

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


Jan Wienen

Thank you

Annette M Velasquez

Exquisite and stunning! This poem can easily win contests and competions and needs to be published. You are very talented and the conveying of this message is beyond important. I have been reading and writing poetry for over 35 years and this one will remain with me as unforgettable... Simply wow!


Thank you so much!! That really means a lot to me. I've been working on writing a book, it's such a long process. 


Hi! I love your work beyond words. I just used two of your poems as a reference for a school assignment I had and every time I read them I love them so much more. Thank you for being so powerful, as women we don't get to be that very often. 

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