What should already be ours

You ask what I want in this world?

More than anything else?

Well it is what most women would want also,

I want there to be a higher likelihood that we die of disease than by the hands of a man,

I want all girls to have the same opportunity of education as boys,

I want us to not be viewed as objects of pleasure but rather as human beings,

I want us to be in charge of our own bodies and not be judged by our choices,

I want us to have the same pay as a man with the same job,

I want us to not be expected to have kids and give up our careers,

I want to stop being told what I can do to prevent being raped and instead have boys taught not to rape,

I want to go to college and not be worried of assault when all I want to do is help and learn,

I want us to be taken seriously and not cast aside as silly little girls,

I want there to be no “Women Authors section” in a book store,

I want us to have the same amount of positions in power as men,

I want not a single woman to be used only for her body for her entire life,

I want men to stop objectifying girls younger than thirteen,

I want us to be able to walk down the street without getting cat calls or being told to smile,

I want hate crimes against females around the world to stop,

I want rapists to be treated with the same punishment in court as a murderer would be,

I want us to have leadership positions and not be called “bossy” or a “bitch”.

I want so much for us,

But we all have so far to go.



I hope to make a difference in this world for women all around the world. Because we are just as human as men are.

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