2015 Everything is Aweseome Scholarship Slam

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What is it that keeps one from reaching its highest quality?It’s an epitome I️ received, tugging at my curiosity.
The day you left me was the day i died, Not only on the out but inside. Without you by my side, yeah i cried. No laughter at all just a boring chapter, Until we meet again a talented rapper.
Inside of my mind I'm going kind of insane I don't know how to feel no more just happiness, love, and pain Sitting silently in the dark but all i hear is rain As the beat drops everything's going down the drain
Death among innocence No love they just killin' 'ish No trust we still buildin' it So crazy with ignorance Don't know why people leave our eyes So many tears that we cry Move along without pain we try
I live in a world where there is nothing but unhappiness, No such thing as love or trust in a society of foolishness. Why should I put my all into someone or something that isn't worth it,
A young man17 years oldPopular in schoolA friend to allBroad-shoulderedStrong as an oxOlympic torch bearerCross country runnerDance competition winnerState champion wrestler
Oh, and who is she, she who stands in front of me,The woman with hollow sunken eyes; devoid of all the glee
If you can fill the unforgiving minute with sixty seconds of distance a lot of quality in it Then run, blend it into a focus that's shifted into an 'all hearts are lifted'
Sacrifice! I hear them shout dancing round me all about Holy crap! What have I done? This old nightmare's just begun baby heads strung round their necks I kick and scream cuz i'm probs next.
Maybe... maybe i did this to you Maybe through my willingness and unawareness i was turning you into this person i have no idea who is anymore.  Maybe it's my fault. Maybe i let you boss me around too many times.
Do you believe in love at first sight? Probably not I wouldnt believe it either.
You're awsome and you know it to even when you're feeling blue   piss me off, but still you're great, at not sticking to that trait   laughter is all you need to that energy you always feed
My hair is something that I hope he fell in love with second because I feel beautiful when little strands  fly around my face when I walk
What do I find awesome? Education and the fact that it helps me blossom Everything from reading to color coding notes Reading lets me discover new worlds and teaches me cool new words
  With every shower, every new pair of shoes, every birthday cake, every bookstore, every single breath which kills so, so slowly, it becomes clearer that perhaps....we are just parasites.
Air that breathes in life
Air that breathes in life
The morning breeze as the sun rises The leafs swirling in the wind The birds humming their morning song
Johnny came to visit when I was nine He only had the chance to just that one time He still smiled as often as he always did But his smile seemed almost crooked I asked him why that was and he said:
How awesome it is to be.  In this human form, to have to abilities.. to exist. Do you smell, taste, see, FEEL. ..feel, feel, hear.  To feel the rain against your skin. Drip.. Drip... Drop. Over and over.
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Mirror on the wall, Who's the baddest of them all my hair is big, curly and nrully Mirror on the wall who's the smartest of them all i see the numbers and quick think of what's five to the power of four
Pleading eyes Watching others walk on by Wondering will anyone give In order for them to live Money lands
Forget how many ti
It's expected that as soon as someone wrongs you, forgiveness must be on the tip of your tongue, no matter the size or weight of the injustice, and still,
She has to jump across this lava pit, The one that I designed to test her timing skills a bit. I’m in the chatroom with her viewers, cheering, But some have doubts that she’ll get past the level that she’s nearing.
What is the thing that helps me get throught the day that brightens up my path that gives a passion to my pain
By the breaking of dawn, the bright lays of sun penetrates the sky unto us, 
My computer turns on and reminds me of debt. College comes closer and interest follows after. Babysitting job doesn't pay regularly. Mother is tired. Bill notices are scattered everywhere.
The uninterrupted pitter-patter of rain,
The world is not what it seems The world is warm The world is cold The world is ever-changing The world doesn't even know Bus isn't that beautiful? Every year is a new experience a new month
Oh how my heart burns The way it makes it pace What all romantics yearn What brightens up my day   A never-ending flame The greatest flower of all What even angels claim
Remember that time you fell off your bike, And the neighbor saw you and asked if you were alright? Then you proceeded to pretend you hadn't injured your rear end, And got back on your bike and started riding again.
Steam rises in a sudden blast. It comes and goes shockingly fast. There's a flush before I hear tiny feet flee and the shower curtain rustles beside me.
Bossom buddies are friends that are close to you One may think he/she is alone but that's never true Someone is always there for you whether it be a family member or simply an acquaintance
the gift inside of me is more valuable, more precious than golden nugget chunks found beneath Earth's rocky skin. it is much more beautiful than glittering diamond fractals, reflecting beams of light
Awesome: An adjective that means causing or inducing awe; Inspiring an overwhelming feeling of Reverence, Admiration, Or fear. A word used as slang, A word used in abundance,
I will be an Engineer. They are telling me it’s not affordable. I should consider another career. Who believes in me? All I wanted was to go to a good school.
For no other reason than to reach the top, we sweat and we scramble Why we choose an exhausting excursion for a vacation - isn't the point to relax from the stress of the day to day life- I simply did not know.
Is it too soon to tell? But so refreshing to have. Someone who likes you for you. And not what you can give them.   As much as i admire your goals and accomplishments.
I am Infinity in Earth I come and go as I will I entered this human dimension through my Father's Tunneling Blackness Passing into my Mother's all Encompassing Darkness.....
 You thought they would go to the ends of the Earth for you, and while you thought this, you sat together and showed each other your souls.
My Children playing Running freely through the grass, Grasping for clouds.  
Scared out of my mind. I begin to lose all of my breath. As I look to my right and left, I see a world that is decimated. Life. Veins pulsing. We’re human, good at resuscitation.
It's Practically Raining Roses   I woke up at dawn, and I thought to myself, "What awful could happen today? Unknown is my fate, could disaster await, Only a second away?"  
Being a girl is best thing in life girls are sugar, spice, and everything nice. I am a girl and I am awesome!
Just like Martin Luther King, I have a dream That this world is unreal, and its not as it seems Not reallying bullying, crimes and drugs, but rainbows, butterflies, and soft hugs
People on the campus waiting to blossom, Learning and processing on what is to be awesome, To find the thing that becomes their obsession, Within a structure of oppression, Seeing these students drag on,
When you’re born, ther
Though money may be little, and lavish things few,
Once I saw an old man planting an apple tree the shovel, firm in his hand the pain, sharp in his knee   I heard the prayers on his lips and the earth striking steel
I am going to be subjective when I describe, The personality traits that set my mother apart, From everyone else I know. The personality traits that make my mother, Awesome. She is smart.
I have been called defective, unableto separate right from good—
There is beauty all around us In people young And those whom time has made old. Even in things unpleasant; They can place us on the right road. Though no path is the wrong one, Some are a better fit,
Everything Is Awesome!   Stars in The black Dance   Clouds in  the blue Slide   Yahweh conducts His
Time to stop looking at all of the bad           To stop looking at all of my mistakes   It's time to look back into my past & see everything that has made me laugh & smile
Changes are going on And it is a little hard to deal When things aren't what they were. You don't know how to feel. College is right around the corner And you're the first one to attend
I love to indulge in books of fearless heroes and adventurers, in songs and legends,
Those first days are always the most frightening, Those moments when you’re scared but excited, Adrenaline running,  Heart racing, Palm sweating, Balling your eyes out,
WE DO NOT BEGIN AS POLICE PROPERTY, to be freed or detained based on some guy’s mood or feeling.” he wrote..... We are not theirs... We are not of their descent. Their hair. Their skin... We are not theirs  
Why do birds chirp? Why is grass green? Why don’t pigs fly? Why are people sometimes so mean?   Why is crime happening? Why are people dying? Why is money a big deal?
Breathtaking,                    stirring,                              dreaded,                                          jaw-dropping,                                                             wonderous,
Her love, like the ocean
It was my escape. My get away. I wasn't me, I was someone else entirely. What they felt,    I felt. What they saw,   
Stop your busy life for just one second
When I was little girl. I would often have my eyes closed. My father thought that I closed them because I was ready for a nap. My mother thought I had allergies. My brothers thought I was crazy.
Any man would be blessed to have a goddess in his life.Possessing all the wisdom, beauty, and graceworthy of the Greek pantheon.He prays and makes the appropriate sacrificesto win a steadfast Hera
Everything is awesome, Meaning all that He had created, From all the flowers that blossom, To party balloons we inflated.   Everything is wonderful From the very start,
For nine months my Mother carried me in her womb
How awesome it is to be alive,  To see, to hear, and drink wine. How awesome it is to move, To dance, and to sing with the moon. How awesome it is to breathe, To rejoice in the sounds of the leaves.
What a world it is for me, I 've over came so many things. From abuse, to fights, to yells, and doubts I am amazed to say I''ve come around. 
It is the way the tide rumbles slowly, racing up the sand to blanket my feet. It is the way my toes submerge effortlessly, into the soft embrace of the miniscule grains.
Is this it? Is this really the life I was born with? I’ll admit it’s truly something; I’m working day in and day out for nothing, Flushing my time down the drain just to say I have a penny to my name,
Hope is awesome. It keeps you moving through the storm. When your body's cold as ice,
All of the simple wonders and joys of life; Forget about all the pain and strife.   The smell of delicious baking cookies wafting through the air,
Digging a hole is pretty cool You can use your hands or a tool That part of the ground is no longer there If big enough, you can sit in there with a chair Make a gap in the ground by your own will
The thoughts in my head  Become poems to be read  That can soothe a troubled mind. Awesome. My eyes, fixed on the star-riddled Galaxies of night That I might wonder and
Note to the Struggling World
I love you like Penelope loves Odysseus  You are my Ithaca  I love you like Juliet loves Romeo Passionately, until my dying breath  I love you like Jack loves Rose I'll never let go
Love Is what I have In my happy soul, I give love to all even the ones who spit on my name. Not even pushing for perfection but, to be clean, Inside and out,
When nights and days become heavy, and sleep seems more attractive, more soothing, than the real world. I pull out my favorite memory. Now, my sister's may be a party, or a large outing.
Life is truly awesome. From stary skies & rising sun. To crashing waves & fluffy pashter sheep.
The world will continue because that strength you're looking for is in you. Because opportunities are open doors
My heart pounds to the beat of the drums  And my spirit awakens with a flash of the lights  Nowhere on earth can happiness be replaced  Beacuse at this moment we are all content   
Life in general is going great taking the next step in life is like a trait I am a graduate of high school
  When I do fall, as we all will do, we are allowed a perspective of the sky, we may only see when the times are the hardest.
People have a lot of things they find to be great, Not everyone's the same, but we most definitely have some.
Flashback a hundred years ago, The year is nineteen fifteen, A year when women had no vote, And no voice to portray their soul. But five years later, They would receive the vote,
That you're awesome.  The way you always nap at 4:30 in the afternoon the way you get really really happy about a full moon the way you get cranky if you don't get to eat 
Rose are red, Violets are blue, I'll graduate college with the help of you!
My mom is awesome She carried my in her tummy I know for 9 months she felt funny My mom is awesome I've mad her happy and sad I've made her proud and mad I know she still loves me though it all
Hold on, friend. It's 6 P.M. You're going to stand through the worst weather. But we'll get through it together. I promise you this one thing. This one thing. We're going to get through this together.
On the fence again, Where we both once sat, I feel you, And know you're near.  I hear your feet, Rustling the leaves as you walk, Over to me,
Johnny came to visit when I was nine He only had the chance to just that one time He still smiled as often as he always did But his smile seemed almost crooked I asked him why that was and he said:
This extraordinary habitat in which we preside, constructed by the merciful palms of our gracious Lord,
Universal love
Seldom are the soft given a seance. There are several kinds of soft- the soft of light cupped like a secret etween one's palms;the hay edges of a fire's silhouette dancing, scarcely defining the
What does awesome mean to you? When you think of awesome You think of that great big success You think of acing that end-of-year test We think of celebrations and parties And being our best
As time goes by and I continue to grow,
Even on my baddest days, you still tell me I am beautiful. That is why I am so grateful, every day and in every way. Because you always know exactly what to say and make my grey clouds go away
 Our life is like music. the very air we breathe is an amazing symphony being played beautifully. our veins are the string we pluck just to get the perfect vibration.
I live to write And die to care
Think about it. Another day, another way to fulfill those long awaited dreams. Go for it. Another day, another way to find out what life truly means. Dig deeper. Another day, another way to move forward.
A lost soul travels 
Wonder who I am, I'm a heart waiting to open up to you. Read my mind and ill read yours. Tell me yours deepest dark secrects. Don't be afraid of me because I'm not afraid of you. I love you with all my heart, to bad you just cant see it.
You thought you were walking down that lonesome road alone Surrounded by trees, debris, and leaves. The ominous dark gray clouds looming overhead. The storm continues to roll in.
I walk around with flat feet; everything average as could be.  I think to myself, what else could I see?  Fulfillmemt is needed in my feet.  I need to move to a rhythm and beat. 
When you are going down a road called life and the turns are getting sharper, You may be telling yourself that this is never ending because there seems to be no end in sight. Remember the days that have past,
The Ocean is Alive Moving, shifting, crashing Shimmering, relaxing, drifting The Ocean is unending.   A Spectrum of colors: From black to blue, And green to grey.
Optimism Stay strong and fight through Everythings gonna get better for you. Look at life a different way, Because in all actuality, no one has a bad day. Life is all about doing things,
Whenever I am feeling sad Or just having a bad day, I grab my phone to talk to you; I know I will be okay.   Though we come from different backgrounds, We couldn't be more the same.
One, two, three, four two, two, three, four Keepng count of the measures as the beat carries on. Pain shows happiness is heard, many emotions portrayed in the piece being played.
In it's patient wait, Time has sculpted perfection, cast across the stream.    
A simple life I want to sit by the window when it rains and read books I'll  never be tested on
Take a moment to ask yourself isn't it awesome to be, Alive with different obstacles, To be enriched a man and not an animal, To be a pioneer of your own road, To be open to different choices and different places,
Let us rewind, Let us blast to the past. Let me share with you The reason my days are not bad.   A young lady was pregnant, And she got very sick. Not one doctor, not one specialist
Life descends upon us unawares living is a beauty so beguiling   As a human subject to her whim how could you not embrace her smiling?   To awaken with such potential
If a house "divided" against itself cannot stand Then how is ours still running With handwriting on the wall in pen, Saying it's each other we are shunning?   Society changed us
i’ve noticed on plane rides that the clouds’ shadows cover the earth protecting me from harsh sun beams that kiss my skin so that there is a bit more melanin to glisten   i’ve noticed that the rain
We are an Army, the Killjoys, and Idiots
It's finally been a year See it clearly now as I stand here So hard to get over this fear See it clearly like looking in a mirror   I live with it everyday, Play it off in a more obvious way
Do you ever wish you could see the unknown, Witness a miracle, or sit on a throne? Do you ever wish to have a longer life, Have the perfect husband or wife?   I'm here to say that if you do,
Everything is AwesomeFrom the little things in day to day lifeThat give us griefTo the moments whereWe can't help but smileEverything that happens in our livesMakes everything else fall into place
The window shows a smile in my reflection, Feeling sad at the notion that after tonight it may fade.
Never be afraid to live Do not be afraird of what you have never did Be an adult but laugh as a kid Go On.   Never let other hold you back Do not your situations stack
   This world, the crime, my life is a fight.
As he stands in his stance ready to be victorious. He remembers the long nights of endless chaos. The strong winds that often kept him bound. The unsettling rains that always made him frown.
The sun peaks through the sky as if revealing the mantled pieces of the universe Today I realized everything is part of me Waking up ready for the imperfection of the world Not shameful of saying this is where I stay
Awesome isn't shiny things and all the joy that shiny cars may bring Awesome is the simple things   The things like good morning texts and I love you so I waited for you. Awesome are the words that
The things we had wasnt enough these memories fade away easy for you , but the loving moments come to as they open me to say the word regret  
He, She, and Everything in Between
summer nights fiesta nights strap yourself in go for a ride
The day you first opened your eyes And life began –  The tears your mother cried, As you wrapped her finger In the palm of your hand –   The excitement that came With your first word,
When I woke up the other day I had no idea where I was going to stay In fact I didn't even know where I was I still felt I had some sort of buzz
If all is going wrong, Don't worry about it. All gets better in the end. Life will be fantastic,
"A Villanelle with Initiative" Look at the rising sun, Kissing the earth with rays, Who will I be when it’s done? Calm and pure as a nun, Mature beyond my days, Look at the rising sun.
Summer nights are filled with adventures; Waitng to be revealed by the daring, By the reckless, By the implusive. Nights spent in different rooms, In different places, In different time,
See that rock? It's awesome. Why, you ask? I'll tell you. Because it's unique, and because it
This World is our World, Shared by every human that takes in air. To share and to cherish Each other with kindness and care Is the only way to preserve something so rare.  
Matthias   Everything possible to be believed is an image of truth.
Who are we? Simple minded people? Out of touch of reality, and fighting how people should be treated equal.
What would i do if i could change my past? Would i wipe the slate clean? Would i be myself or this brand new charcter? A reflection of what i could be, should be , or am.
Advancing poles stab though city skyline. Life will pass though seems so fine. Rambling through this post rock generation I've stumbled all over these fine, sane lines  Throwing sparks at fellow folks, I 
I've never written a poem before. But yet I find myself here at 12:38AM on my laptop once more looking for a solution. A solution to pay for my tuition, my books, my room and board,
There is a woman whose smile can brighten the darkest room
I am the maiden of earth,Always Innocent and pure.I’ve been called an angelWith goodness in my heart,And a sharp, intelligent mind.
Passing populous parties, I prefer some seclusion. A private place, a lot of space,  Obtrusive clamor is muted. Star shine’s bright no city light intrudes to dilute it. To conclude I’m reclusive
He thought the sky was falling, And i felt it shatter ever day as the sun was setting, She landed on my eyes, we always fall together She blushes as the sun is put to rest,
As of now I've finally reached rock bottom. Homeless, No money to my name, And never know where my next meal is coming from And yet, I still smile   I smile because even through all the downs
Every time you set the stake
I don't know what you've been told but baby girl  you're  beyond amazing  eccentric to the world  an angel in disguise  undeniably genuine  talented beyond measure
The squawking of the seagulls the calmness of the waves  seashells shining gracefully  in golden sunlit caves.   The shakiness of sand, beneath the frollickers' feet,
Everything is awesome, It’s true, Think of what you love, Of what you have, And what you will. Think of the foods you devoured That makes your mouth water. Mine waters With the memory
I read your obituary in today’s paper,
Your body is not a temple; it's a tree.  Equipt with branches for limbs and leaves for all the little in betweens. Trees are meant to grow strong for years and years with their roots consistently reaching further.
I float on my back  With an abundance of pale green water beneath
Something good something bad, something terrible something sad,
Unwilling to accept the pain he caused, When all he seemed to do was break the laws. Living life with regret for the time we spent,
I am The Prince of the In-Between. I sleep to dream. And I pay the price of my lonely stagger for the sum of one million suns, grasped gently by my mind, spoken slowly by my wise-toungue.   
I have black hair I have small asian eyes I am a person and I really love myself   I dont say this to be arrogant Or to brag I say it because it is the answer to HAPPINESS
Green, Brown, Yellow and Blue all colors remind me of you.   Green like the trees  that stand mighty and tall. Brown like the dirt where flowers bud and the worms live. Yellow like the sun
Love can be hard Love can hurt Love can break your heart Love can be scarce
Everything is awesome.                                                                                              Everythi
The cinematic universe Is breathtaking Able to submerse The audience into watching
It's wonderful to create something Out of a complete and utter nothing This is creativity
(Dedicated to my friend, Joy.)   Ukulele cords, rainbow connections and pure imaginations, 2 a.m. dance parties; sleep doesn't exist at this moment. As laughter erupts, a broken record I don't want to fix;
Life. . . something that is a spectacular, which can be uplifted or taken away, but it seems that we prefer the latter, Daily people are dieing, horrible and gruesome deaths,
Eighteen winters and I'm tired --exhausted. Tired of my mind holding me hostage,  Tired of the cliquelessness causing me restlessness--   I haven't known my bed in days. I lay in it but it won't hold me, 
One word… Then the galaxies and the planets spread across the vast universe and the stars found their place in the cosmos One word…
Every night for the last years I have visit the same place, the same city, It exist only in my dreams, I have no control over my steps, I fall asleep and moments later I see myself stranded in the same place again,
You wait, wait until the day you can shine  blood, sweat, tears and coffee have made you strong, but my blood sweat and tears have made you mine and though it is hard I will learn from my wrongs.  
It is always fun to be alive. Wow! So much time to dance and jive. Do as you wish to be yourself. Always strive to love oneself. Life is fun for you and me since both of us can live happy. 
All of my life  I was living a lie. It seems that my childhood has flown right by. My momma became an angle  and daddy got sentenced to life. Now I've grown too fast to be a man
Optimism is one of the most difficult thing a person can have in this world. Time is on a constant path that never deviates for any person.
To some people, every day when the sun rises, life is a routine. They see events flash before them, but they never know what they mean.   But life is not the sand in an hourglass.
Awesome is as plain as the word  is Awesome It can not be described It can only be felt.
  It’s easy to say that life is hard. It’s easy to say you’re struggling through. Easy to say you drew the wrong card.
Wake Up. Eat. Work. Sleep. Wake Up. Repeat. Monotony affects the population, Suppresses our elation. Routine produces lethargy, Making us forget how to simply be.
All round you is nothing a blank canvas to creat or to destroy nothing is all around quietness freedom space nothing you look for ways to please yourself to cover the pain to understand the world and its meaning and why are you here there are no
Today I caught a butterfly for the first time , Its wing broken but can still fly
Getting lost between the lines But following all of the signs Beloved friends come to an end While struggling to defend   Soilders brought upon in life Only to be struck by a knife
Everything is awsome -        from the homless man on the corner smiling because hes happy to be alive.                                   
No more tears,  No more doubts. Things we once feared, give us a reason to shout!  Your story is not sad, nor is your story over. Today you should be glad, Enough solemn composure! 
Chapter 1: My mother meets a man. She thinks she loves him, but she doesn’t know what love is. A one night stand with a perfect stranger is not love. Deciding whether to abort your baby
You know? Poetry has never been my thing. Math? Science? Hell, even music? Those I can handle. Being stuck in an english class with 25 other unwilling participants, never 
To the mother who spends 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, 60 minutes a hour..loving me . This poem is for you.
Hands can be smooth, hands can be rough. Yours no longer move,
Many, many years ago, He was the one I could see, The one I came to know, Whose name was Stevie, This young man had friends,
Not everything is awesome Not everything is good. The darkness closes in,  I put up my hood.    Breathe in, breathe out let's start this from within.  My heart replays the rhythm
In a single day people are born, age, and die. Babies crying for the first time, a mans last breath, counting their stars, last wishes.
Life One word Two vowels Four point 6 billion years old Earth
  A frisbee flies through the air like a Red fighter jet fighting an enemy fleet.
  A frisbee flies through the air like a Red fighter jet fighting an enemy fleet.
I love the essence of your beauty The way your confidence portrays in not by what you speak but by the way you walk You have an aura, yes this bright aura that captures me up & feels me with love
Your harsh words rain relentlessly. There’s no shelter when I’ve let down every wall.
  There is Something Noble in the Struggle, Something Dignified in Tears. I am a shadow and a shadow doesn’t feel.
When people look at me they judge my appearance. I don't mind it, it's human nature. It bothers me when these people choose to define me by their preconceived ideas. They do not understand history behind a first glance.
Television, Magazines, Posters  Sometimes you may even come to see me at a show I have it all right 
My head has risen up, curiosity is at it's peak How do I get out of this? What even is this? this barrier that's holding me captive.. I want to get out, But How?  I know.
The sunrise chased me today Emotions exposed Never look back they say But beauty rose.. Onward
Everyone has their own mind, Each of which a different kind. Greed, money, and power they crave What happened to just being a hero that’s brave? Selfless and caring but also slightly daring
Like a speck of dust, like a tick on a dog’s belly, I go unnoticed—the price I pay as a small girl in a big world. I’ve been tossed aside and told, “You’re too small, too weak,
Whether accidental or intentional Everything is Awesome The smallest seeds make way For trees with cherry blossoms The things we overlook Such as bees and berry pollen All assist our excited existence
As a teenage girl in the world today Its hard to look around and stay positive
My chest, from which my breath was taken As four eyes meet, and the souls speak The lips in tandem, as they mock each other
To receive my first acceptance letter was bliss,
Here I want to write about a galaxy.  I want to paint a picture with a slim-tipped brush on the inside of your mind.    It will have milky skys and dark summer nights  and holes in mysterious places. 
Positive Thinking    Positive thinking is a wonderful way, To have a nice and glorious day.
The sky is blue and the ocean is white. The grass is purple, but at night it's pink. The clouds are neon yellow, and the sun is crystal clear diamonds. The world is never as it seems. So why don't you create the world as it seems to you.
Everything is awesome in this dangerous world. maybe its not or maybe it is. Keep a positive mindset, let your love unfurl.  today is great. Oh baby, it is.  Look at all the nature, oh what beauty!
  Paper crinkles as I reach into the bag.With precision I grip and lift.Gently I lay my prize on the table before me.  
There is light and then shadow, silhouettes of darkness, For life shares these disasters our minds cannot harness, I tell you this glass that is told half full, That it is full indeed with body and soul
As I grow up, each day at a time I start to notice all the things that chime The beauty in this world has always been there
In the stuggle and grind of every student, don't forget to always be prudent. Remember to pay you bills and make eye contact. Don't leave those passwords around to be hacked.
Someone walks up to you and says, “Isn’t everything Awesome?” You immediately glance at them in a foolish way because deep down in your heart and mind you respond: NO! Everything is NOT Awesome. Why?
Today was pretty awesome I mean, i didnt win the lotto (that'd be awesome) I havent met my prince charming or went to an expensive resteraunt I didnt meet a celebrity i didnt go anywhere cool
Awesome is a new life that takes on it's own meaning A life that blooms as learning takes place and knowledge attained is worth gleaning It's awesome how new stages of life evolve and come to be,
Broken glass, shattered dreams, words of discrimination shout from all sides Hundred vioces telling you "No" but one "Yes" from God gives you hope to press on Hope It can never be taken away from you.
I looked outside my window and saw reflected off the pane The poor disisions of my peers and all they had to learn in order to gain. Never once did I resent them, hate them or judge.
   Life Is awesome ,Even when we cant see, The things that are happening,  are for things that are meant to be.
The big green bags have
I dream of a day where freedom is tangible. The fallacy in believing this taxed and restricted freedom Freedom with limitation is no freedom at all. Enslaved by means of a psychological militia.
As I walk down the aisle, Wearing my cap and gown in style. I realize today is the day, That parents prayed for. As I take my seat, I look around and see, The teachers who taught me,
They lightly tapped my forehead and told me my mind is "brilliant"
"Baseline," the lady yelled We ran to the line to begin practice  The sound of the whistle rung our ears and we sprinted to the other side and back
When I think of you, tears fill my eyes I often wonder why me, that you have entrusted so many gifts within  I'm sometimes so afraid to express these gifts But why? When you loved me so to give them to me
Options are endless beyond comprehension The most dangerous thing to a person is a closed mind It's the only thing capable of holding you back
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