The Midnight Forest's Advice

One night I ventured into the woods

leaving my tear stained pillow behind

Under the moonbeam glow I went

My identity chained and confined



The stars twinkled above me

As if hiding a smile

I remembered when my dreams were as numerous

As the stars in the sky


But now I was broken

My soul cut by glass shards

My cursed life was a bore

Full of hardships and scars


“Just let it end” I cried onto the night

“Two things within me continue to thrive

They’re mundanity and pain

I’ve had enough of my life”


I heard the wind howl with laughter

The trees shaking their heads

The very earth was grinning

At my foolish request


They stopped laughing then asked me

You think you have it worst?

We’ve all got a lot to handle

There’s always a blessing and curse


Worries and doubts,

that are hard to contain

They’re just your nightmares alive

Don’t make them your bane


You’ve anchored your ship

To the security of shore

But that isn’t how you wander

how you sail and explore


Don’t let your fear of the storm

Drive you away from your life

Don’t cage up your abilities

Locked away from all sight


Don’t undermine your value

You’re much deeper than skin

Remember what matters

Is what’s hidden within


There are mountains within you

That reach ‘til the sky

There are rivers a-flowing

full of wishes and sighs


There’s a garden within you

growing more in your mind

Flowers of knowledge,

Mellifluous and wise


I stood there awhile

An epiphany made

My pain and anguish

Beginning to fade


Life has much to offer, a tree continued

All around you, evanescent fantasies

Just open your eyes to

The fortunate strokes of serendipity


Go back to where you came from

And float back into your dreams

And one more thing about life:

Nothing is ever as it seems:


Dandelions are dreams, not weeds

Scars are stories of strength

Pain and Failure are building blocks

Believing will take you great lengths

I bid the moon and trees farewell
The wind and zephyrs goodbye
I rest against the pillow's dried up tears
Ready to heed the midnight forest's advice


I truly enjoyed your poem. Very inspiring, thank you


thank you so much :) It was my purpose to inspire people so I'm so glad you were.  

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